How's your love life DiS?


IHad a quite sad and pathetic thing recently

I met an Aussie girl a few months back and we hit it off quite quickly. A couple of dates in she revealed that she was in an open relationship with her bf back in Australia, and he would be joining her in a few weeks. They’re apparently basically platonic companions. She said she wanted to see me as much as possible before that time, and I just went with it. I’m quite an impulsive short termist and was enjoying her company. Of course, we grew closer and were seeing each other every other day. Her bf arrived and we agreed that we would give each other space for a while to see how things turned out, communicating a few times in the first weeks.

Over that time I tried to busy myself with other things, went on a few dates etc. But didn’t really forget her.

On Friday we saw each other at a gig for the first time in a few months, I decided not to approach her. She texted me after the gig, and we exchanged a few texts over the last few days. We both seem conflicted, both want to see each other but idk. I’m not sure if being a part of this kind of set up is what I want, and I think she feels that I would get upset at some point, which is possible.

The last text was a bit of a mindfuck, a weird mix of ‘I want to see you’ and ‘it’s wrong’ and ‘unhealthy’, I think trying to draw a line in the sand.

Anyway dating in London is gr8


I am head over heels for the lovely person I’ve only met once. its scary ! we haven’t stopped talking via text over the last week. Can’t see each other until next wednesday also. She’s just as keen and into it as me. Are we getting carried away because we’ve both been through so much shit ? or is it possible to fall for someone via messages, photos and just one date ?!


you are 100% getting carried away. that doesn’t mean it won’t work out! but you don’t have enough info to tell at this stage.


I’m happy for you slash bitter as all hell


yeah it’s just my cat is called that and I dont want it tarnished


I really don’t know. We clicked immediately. But it is all rather quick. Hopefully it will continue on this path because it feels pretty wonderful right now.


Go with the flow mate, take it as it comes. Sounds like you’re both on the same page at the moment so I would be loathed to start over analysing. If it feels good, it probably is. Enjoy it!


we really are. It’s quite a shock to the system after the year we’ve both had but a bloody lovely one :grinning:


Really pleased for you, man.


thank you !


This has made me so happy! I hope she’s super cool.

My ex has been bugging me all week to meet him and despite mine and my friends/family’s judgment I’ve agreed to go tonight. He already tried to dictate the time and place to suit him better which is irritating. Gotta stay strong DiS, keep happy in my head and remember that this is all for the best.


That’s^ a good book - would read as an adult tbh tbf…


Meeting someone tonight.



Good luck dude !


Thanks, man.

It’ll either be fine and chilled or a little awkward and we draw a line under it. Either way I get a decent Lasagne.


Good luck dude! garl


Thanks, you too. Hope things don’t get too awkward and whatnot.


Thanks love. I’m mainly going because I’m sick of getting these constant pretending to care texts. It’s him trying to act like he’s being kind and doesn’t want things to be awkward if we see each other. He doesn’t get to control everything and I’m going to make that clear.


Good for you, hope he gets the message!


Rush hour crushes all over the place

Love life is the worst

I yearn for love death