How's your love life DiS?


DutchEmil69 is just today’s entitled white man in the news. He’s next week’s chip paper, but you’ll have your Emil for years.


Lasagne was :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Had a really lovely night, incredibly long hug at the end of the night and him nearly trying to kiss me but both deciding that is not for the best. Should have avoided the evening and stayed mad. Feelings are for losers.


Aw mate, I’m sorry. Feelings are well annoying in this sort of situation. Sounds silly but there’s a few songs I had on repeat when I was in this situation which really helped. Think independent women - destiny’s child, hole in the head - sugababes, etc. You’ve got this :muscle:


you’ve not split up because you didn’t have good times, you’ve split up because when things are tough for you, he’s not been very good. no?


So… funny story…

Messaged ‘Bus Girl’ last night with: “hey, it’s bergkamp, hope you didn’t mind that I asked for your number but I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you. There’s a lot more I’d like to discuss about A Little Life”.

And received back: “love talking about books, particularly A Little Life! It feels like it has been ages since I read it, but my boyfriend has just finished it so I’m fairly fresh from talking to him”.

Oh dear. I’m a bit gutted. I feel like the act of asking for a number makes it relatively clear that I’m doing so because I ‘fancy’ her a bit, so I’m a bit confused as to why she would give her number to a random when she has a boyfriend, but I assume I must’ve just not made it explicit or that wires were crossed. Despite that, she’s been messaging me all night and this morning about books and work, and other things, and it’s been really nice… so it’s a strange one. I guess I have made a friend! Or I’ve been put on the subs bench for now?

Boy, what a whirlwind few days this has been. Let’s never talk about it again.

moonwalks out of room, high fiving everyone


Just sounds like an honest, upfront way of telling you she’s in a relationship and is only looking for friendship.


So is A Little Life good, is that what I’m to take from all this?


I agree, which is obviously fine, and don’t get me wrong I’m more than happy to have someone to have conversations about books with.


It’s a masterpiece.


ah man. never mind. defs don’t be thinking about being on the subs bench, as you call it. even though it’s natural to fall for someone of the gender you’re attracted to if you also like them a lot as a person. just got to write those feelings off right away, save yourself the hurt. embrace having a new friend.

girls are the best friends anyway, imo. straight guys should have more friends who are girls.


innit. haven’t made a lasting friend who is a guy in maybe 6 years.

although that said, I do have one on the burner, and its looking promising!


Sorry, I just want to make clear that ‘being on the subs bench’ was just a glib throwaway joke!

I’m genuinely not that beat up about it, and it is just really nice to have someone to chat to about mutual interests. As pathetic as it may sound, I am quite proud of myself for doing something I’ve never done before, and for taking a chance/risk by asking her because I would’ve maybe regretted it otherwise.


Fucking loved Emil and the Detectives when I was a kid. Tempted to re-order now actually.


Just so we’re a potential guy friend you mean? :smile:


I count you all as nemeses.


Never used that plural - looks good written down tbh tbf…


This sounds vaguely promising still? Idk. Either way, like you say, nice to have a new friend and if anything more happens that will also be nice. Also…



A lady just walked across an entire building to bring me biscuits so motwyw



You didn’t get the girl on this occasion, but you made a load of people on the internet very happy. And that’s the real prize isn’t it.