How's your love life DiS?


Reading that line put a rare grin on my face


It’s not for everyone


the confidence you feel from having actually asked for her number will sit with you for a while and you never know, you might end up in a similar situation soon meaning that confidence will help :+1:


This is a shit situation but those italics have done me.


Dreams and social media are working in tandem to make me melancholy today. At least they seem to be hitting it off


Lasagne right now would be fire emoji

I don’t care if it’s morning

My emotions need pasta


Mate, that can be a hell of a combination at times. No harm in taking some time away from SM for a day or two.


I had a dream about social media as well, that’s crazy. (Please note the first clause was read in the voice of David Bowie’s Twin Peaks character)

I probably made it sound worse than it is. I was just like “aaaah maaaan, way to remind me of (possibly not actually unrequited but certainly not actionable at the present time) feelings and that”.


dreamt last night that I was working for someone I briefly dated about 2 years ago in their massive cafe built in an aeroplane hanger.

kinda fancy them again tbh


I dreamt she shared a Simpsons meme

Not even joking


y’know what

gonna edit this because this is in public view and all and what if she sees and etc

not that it’s bad, just that this is… a delicate emotional ecosystem? hmm…

click back to see the edit history, I guess :upside_down_face:



Yeah… errr… same here.




Sorry that has weird white lines on it nm

Never posying from my phone again