How's your love life DiS?




December 21st (oh what a night)


Sean’s new life as an online dating mogul begins now


My love life is going very well indeed, but you’re all good people and I would have found this thread and the support very handy over the last few years.


Have it my mum’s gaff if you like. I’m unavailable unfortunately


I’ll certainly be entering your mum’s gaff


I’m in.

and out. And in. And out.


Occasionally call my house my Dean (house - gaff - gaffney - Dean gaffney - Dean). Thoughts?


I think it began when the site launched tbqh, we just seem to have had a lull for a good few years


slicks back hair and struts into the thread like some kind of a suave kind of a dude



I approve.


Absolutely none of that on DiS in the past, no siree


and @juke I have never seen anything to imply these stats are stored anywhere, you need not worry.


Just matched with a polish lady on tinder who likes Knoppers. Have already said the L word.


Gonna snog all o’ ya