How's your love life DiS?


Reactivated my Bumble account

Forgot how addictive swiping is

Despite the fact that none of it will lead anywhere


do you reckon I could get any good swipes if I went on a dating site manches?

Could do with a confidence boost I think


You’d get loads bam have you SEEN you?


yeah I have, that’s the problem!


but thanks though :wink:


Mate, you’d do so well. You’re an absolute mega babe


bless you, thanks mate!

I guess everyone has insecurities about their looks


Even I’VE had swipes


If you feel weird / insecure making a profile I recommend getting a friend to help / do it for you at the pub


oh I’m not actually going to do it because I don’t have the money or means to actually meet anyone so even if someone did like me it would make me sad but it’s nice to think that at least it’s not my looks that are keeping me single :slight_smile:


My mate has been messaging a girl from POF since the new year and they went on their first date this week.

About an hour and a bit in, she went to the bar and returned with a Chilean man she’d met and invited him to sit with them. She spent half an hour chatting to the guy in Spanish while my mate looked on in disbelief.

When they (Chilean man and date) went out for a cigarette, my mate assumed their date was over and left. She collared him in the way and gave him a drunken telling-off for trying to do a runner and stranding her in town.


Sounds like your friend missed out on a threesome


Her main argument was that she was just being friendly to a lonely international stranger and could not see how my mate had interpreted the situation otherwise.


She doesn’t sound like great girlfriend material so better he found out sooner than later. People can be really weird on dates.


Yeah, agree.


My long distance girlfriend just broke up with me today - don’t feel too bad, it was a long time coming and it’s based on issues that were never going to be fixed so it’s for the best. She just did it by text (slightly harsh but I get it), we’re having a proper call at the weekend just for some closure and to say goodbye.

I’m fine with it being over, it’s the right thing, but it still feels wrong that I’ll never see her in person at least once more to say a proper goodbye. This might all change but currently I’d want to see if we could meet a last time. Not for ages as we’re both starting new jobs and to give me time to let everything settle down emotionally, but the idea still appeals.

Is this

  • A terrible idea
  • Understandable and potentially worthwhile

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Pretty sure I know what the results will be but felt compelled to ask anyway!

(Blasting Blink-182 and going to drink some fancy beers as therapy, so far so successful :slightly_smiling_face: )


I don’t think it’s a bad idea to see them again but not right away, perhaps in a couple of months at least or whenever you feel good to see them again as a friend. Mention it in the call when you speak to them and make a vague plan.

Meeting too soon might be a bit much for you both, it’s good to have some distance and become used to being single first I think.


Yeah it’s between here and Germany so it can’t be that soon anyway just logistically hah. Thinking May or later would be most likely, if ever


Sorry to hear this, I remember you saying ages ago you thought it might happen so at least it’s not a total surprise. Can totally understand why you want to see her - although you might find by the time it comes around that you’re not so bothered anymore.


Yeah it’s a surprise that it was today specifically, but nothing else. Exactly, I want to raise it because currently it would be nice but in a few months with time and either or both of us maybe seeing other people - it won’t be nearly so important