How's your love life DiS?

Oh man, not for me :joy:

“you think my name’s good, wait till you see my penis!”

Don’t actually say that, obviously.


‘Thanks, you have a good face’.


Do you mind if I steal that?

I’ve got a remote job interview coming up.

Go for it, but please credit me.

“Thanks, it’s mine”

Then say something else really smooth

“Yeah it is, don’t wear it out”

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My name’s good but it’d look better on your bedroom floor

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Never heard from this guy again. Wonder if he’s got covid.

Irl dates are obviously much more fun, with the touching and kissing etc but if the options are Skype date or no dates for ages, I’d give the Skype dating a go.

she finished it yesterday. Over the phone due the current situation. Such a great time to be dumped.

Ah man, that sucks. Really sorry :frowning:


Sorry to hear, mate. Take care of yourself.

That’s rough :slightly_frowning_face: sorry to hear that, Richie x
I’m afraid I don’t have much advice to give under these circumstances except to just take each day as it comes. Everyone’s lives are going to be kinda on hold for a while, try to spend some time doing positive things for yourself, whatever that means to you x


cheers lovely. It’s not great being isolated when you’ve just been dumped but I have the kids with me today so that’s nice. We are all in the same boat I guess. It’s not the end of the world but she really did mend my broken heart following the divorce, which didn’t really happen with the person I was seeing last year. I really thought we had something amazing. It’s a long story really and wouldn’t be fair to her sharing stuff on here.


Tbf I don’t think there’s ever a nice time to be dumped or isolated! Sucks that both happened at once, I really feel for you.

Try to hold onto this positive from the relationship, it may not have lasted but it was healing and brought you some happiness. Now you have to work on keeping your heart open but taking care of it and being there for yourself.

What I’m trying to say in a very garbled way is that we can’t rely on anyone else to make us happy and whole, we have to do that for ourselves.


I know. I’ll be ok. Just hurts at the moment. I’m sure I’ll bounce back at some point. Thanks for your kind words.

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Unfortunately no attempt at comforting words can take away the hurt, I know :pensive: but you’ll get through this x

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Heard from the girl I was seeing for a few months last year completely out of the blue last night. Hadn’t seen her since early September or heard from her since late September.

Was completely unexpected. Nice to catch up though, sounds like she’s been through quite a bit. Didn’t bring up any old feels though, which I’m quite pleased about. I could do without complex emotional things right now.


Smiled at an attrative on the other side of the street during my day’s walk

Might write a poem about it