How's your love life DiS?

How’s the internet dating going during the lockdown? I’m still off all the apps which I think is definitely the best approach for me right now, but I’m curious how people are finding them currebtly. More activity/ less? Any virtual dates?

I got talking to someone pre-lockdown and we didn’t get a chance to meet but going very well. Think it will only work for certain combinations of people tbh but feeling good about it tbh.

Nice one. Do you have phone/ video dates?

Nah. I really hate that kind of thing at the best of times but I can see calls happening as the situation goes on.

Had a really intense look from the wallpaper earlier.


That was me.


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Have had a couple of “that seemed a little intense” eye contact moments with strangers when going to the shop recently . We are sitting on a powder keg of unchecked sexual energy at the moment

Is having sex where both of you are fully wrapped in clingfilm still ok?

Not sure, but you can always have some erotic dates reading stories about Roy Orbison wrapped in clingfilm ( over the phone to each other.


This is wonderful.

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An ever increasing number of bots on these apps, this week.

Sign up to to see more.

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The adult dating website for clowns and clown enthusiasts


How much more quarantine before authorities are called to stop me from dry humping the neighbour’s paper and cardboard recycling bin?

These are the questions.

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Thinking tinder might actually be better now that people have to chat because they can’t just meet up immediately. Trying to get past my deep-seated anxiety about human intimacy and connection and start a few chats



First dude I chat to just asked me to meet up, in the middle of a pandemic :joy::joy:



Most people choose a pub or cafe I guess.

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sounds like a smart dude

Good reminder of why i hate tinder tbf