How's your love life DiS?

Weirdly hardly ever video called my gf when we were longish distance. just had an ongoing whatsapp chat and sent loads of selfies and stuff, worked fine


I kinda have a tiny crush on the couple in the BBC sounds advert I keep getting on Instagram.

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woke up today thinking that absolutely blitzed me last night had sent a bad cringy message to someone nice on okc, but turns out blitzed me actually sent something fine. phew.

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Just going through OkCupid and… men are so naff aren’t they??

just feeling sulky because wanting kids is a deal breaker for me and it feels like the profiles I’m more drawn to are ones where they want babies. Now I’m approaching 28 I can’t really ignore that as a factor ;(

Slightly strange one this, but do people ever get concerned when things seem too good/easy in a relationship? It’s definitely a hangover of previous attempts being more challenging and getting used to that being the norm so I’m almost entirely sure that this is just some unwarranted anxiety, was just wondering if anyone else had ever experienced it? (For the record I know it’s kinda amazing to get on with someone this well, especially given the current lockdown circumstances)

‘honeymoon period’

not to say that relationships are supposed to be ‘difficult’ but the first 6 months to a year of all my previous relationships have been very stress free for various reasons.

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Ah yeah, that’s a good shout

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probably not, i’m a bad man and bad at relationships.

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I dunno, I’ve tried to stop worrying too much about it and just live in the moment more, which I’m aware is kinda ironic for this post but I assure you this is a mild “oh my mind’s trying to sabotage shit again, ok, please don’t”

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do this! i wish i could do more of this

Happily married, which is nice.


Also you’re not a bad man :sweat_smile:

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I often get compared to Mr Peanut Butter so to use one of his analogies:

Is my mind thinking about the seminal early 2000s indie rock classic because it keeps asking “Is This It?”

Going to be a lot harder to meet people when this ends isn’t it

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What makes you say that?

I’m really excited about it, at least until the inevitable crushing anxiety like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

Just think it’ll be hard meeting strangers in appropriate places, or casual dating, a lot of people won’t risk getting close to people.

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Yeah maybe, dunno. Feel like it’s impossible to predict right now