How's your love life DiS?

I think that’s not the worst advice, I think the closest I’ll get to it is agreeing that it looked better previously whilst still very much reassuring her that she’s still very attractive. And as mentioned, in the light of day she can recognise that she’s butchered it a bit too, it’s not just a case of me having a strong desire to have her with one hairstyle over another. It looks like a toddler did it to her and it’s good to see the funny side in that. Don’t drink and cut.

I’d happily have some sort of treatment where it made my hair remain the same for the rest of my life. Not really arsed about changing the style. Just wait for a point where I’m really chuffed with it and take a pill, that’s me for life.


It really didn’t help that I was living in London. All my friends were coupled up and didn’t know anyone to introduce me to. No one wanted to talk to strangers even in places like bars, so I had to rely on internet dating, which gave me the worst results.

The added psychological layer of people moving to London because they wanted to be the Successful Big Deal and finding it harder than they thought, and deciding they must have a status symbol girlfriend, and then being kind of disgusted or disappointed that they had to lower themselves to going on a date with a real human being like me rather than the lingerie model who is also a gallery director they felt they really deserved.

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Sorry, forgot what thread I was in. Not trying to make light of anything.

I only think this is the case if the opinion is unsolicited, and it’s different if someone is specifically asked what they think, which is what nav was asking about.

If she had asked for an opinion, she might want bullshit and reassurance, but she might want an actual opinion.


There’s ways to frame it too- like you can say you thought the fringe looked better before, but it doesn’t really matter, it’s only hair and make the person feel relieved, but then there’s ways to phrase it that can make them feel like shit, even by accident

She’s already said the phrase “Thanks, even if you’re being insincere” in response to some kindness, which kind of hints at the dilemma I’m trying to unpick, but also is reassuring in that maybe that’s just the role I play in this situation and she can rely on mates for a more critical appraisal of her barnet.

I’d definitely want an honest opinion, softened at the edges with a bit of general praise maybe :joy:


Yes definitely, but the question was just whether to be honest or not if asked. Definitely agree that honest answers, when that’s what’s required, should be phrased considerately.

Thank god I scrolled all the way down before swiping right


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Hark at this charmer an’ all:


Somehow doubt the latter is an issue they have often.


this man almost certainly lives with his parents and is basing dating off the inbetweeners or stories mates have told him

The stats bit says he has kids! Their poor mum.

feel very sorry for those kids

I matched with (and then rapidly unmatched from) someone the other day who had anti mask/ distancing/ don’t trust the mainstream media (fair enough but in this context means trust Facebook shit instead) on their profile

My fault for not being a more diligent swiper I guess