How's your love life DiS?


I think I’d be interested. I can guarantee I’d probably be a bit rubbish at it, though.


A girl I met for a drink right before she went back to her parent’s for Christmas thinks that I have been messaging her on an alternate OK Cupid account.
This other account has some “coincidences” with mine apparently, and has told her that it’s me when she asked.

Slightly bemusing and a bit creepy.


Got a hot date this week when I get back to Spain!

(Almost sure I’ll be cancelling it tomorrow unless she gets there first)


what’s everyone’s tips for being a great person to go on a date with?

Just curious if I fit any of the criteria.


how about don’t


Thought this was a reply to Bamnan and LOLed


christ that’d be a bit heartless even for me.
if I’m giving my honest and probably far too cursory opinion though @Bamnan I’d say be yourself (obviously, you can’t be anybody else) and suss out if there’s any actual chemistry. If not, don’t force it. If there is, enjoy it?


just be nice and pay attention and have some nice conversation


having said this I’ve had a couple of internet datees telling me they thought I was bored by them so maybe be yourself but sugar the pill a bit if it’s a no


I like listening to people and asking questions but I also like talking about myself.

Maybe single is best for me then


The worst dates I’ve been on are where the guy is like really trying to be aloof and disinterested because it sends me into a a bit of an anxiety spiral so I babble and giggle away out of pure nerves. By the end I’m super drained because I’ve had to do all the work.

Also had one where a guy literally talked about himself and all the women who fancied him for 3 straight hours lmao


you need both of those things, goes both ways!


ah phew, turns out I’m great then, thanks :slight_smile:


I went for a canal walk in the Summer with someone who wouldn’t stop talking about their art, and tbh I was bored, but feel really bad that I let it show. I’d never intentionally feign or try to look like something obviously that’s pretty shit and manipulative, but yeah I’ve been on the receiving end of it too and felt pretty bloody insecure (usually on dates with older people really).


If your Scotfood videos are anything to go by, you’ll be fine. No glaring social etiquette failings in any of those. :slight_smile:


everyone loves bad accents I’m sure :slight_smile:


I’ve got an image of you standing in Norwich city centre like a Jehovah’s Witness with a clipboard and a leaflet stand full of “Discover Saps Today” pamphlets.


As long as you don’t spend all your time talking about cycling you’ll be fine.


can guarantee I’d spend almost none of it


things are improving with my boyfriend. i think we’re back on track and just need to make sure it stays that way