How's your love life DiS?


SO glad to hear this, froglet! Will keep everything crossed for you both


On the one date I’ve ever been on, I think I pretty much did this and it went OK, save for me being a bit shy and occasionally not being able to think of anything to say. It didn’t lead to anything else, but at least it seems like dating isn’t as impossible as I at least had thought it’d be.


They could do a lot worse, I’m telling you.


My heart leapt for excitement when I checked my emails, and then it turned out to be an advert thingy for a personal assistant thing with the same name as someone I fancy massively :frowning:


The person I was seeing a bit over Xmas wants to meet up tomorrow night to explain why she’s “gone a bit quiet”

I’m totally getting dumped aren’t i? I don’t think we’ve been out enough to justify a face to face dumping. Think I’d rather she just sent me a text and put me out of my misery now

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Maybe she had a sore throat


doesn’t sound good but you never know!


Excellent news! I’m sure it’ll all be fine when the new year settles in a bit.


If it was really that casual she probably wouldn’t even want to meet up? Idk I think there’s still hope. Every chance she was seeing someone else though, particularly if you weren’t properly exclusive.


it got quite not casual for a bit there so IDK. It’s all a bit confusing - to the extent that speculation is a bit pointless till I’ve seen her I think


Some potential issues arising here and there largely around location of where we want to live exacerbated massively by her discontent with her current workplace making her reevaluate her entire career. Annoying all this adult bullshit isn’t it.


If I ever need reassurance remind me never to come to you :wink:


Yeah that’s a given tbf


feelin pretty dreamy about my other half again. Getting out of various Christmas stresses has really helped my mental health, and the past couple of weeks of holidays have given me time to properly take in all the best things about her all over again, and to also feel like i’m a good husband

it’s a relief because i tend to get crippled with the fear that i’m not good enough for her (or indeed friendships either) when i stress out, so coming out the other side of that is a huge weight off.


Is the New York convo back on?


Really need to decide one way or another what I want to do about my long distance relationship. Really like her but she’s away until summer 2019 at least and I always would have to travel to see her. Then again there’s no one else I’m into, I’m useless in person and I get absolutely zero matches on dating apps, nevermind actual dates.

Then again again, can’t stay with my GF just because “there’s no one else”, that’s unfair for both of us. Urgh.


Nah (although God knows at the minute, it may well be by the time I get back this evening). We’re looking into a shared ownership property and there is a difference in opinion on where we should be looking. I think everything is being exacerbated by the fact she hates the school she’s working at and it’s prompting all these thoughts of massive wholesale life changes but we already moved to a new area at the same time as she changed jobs (and wrote a Masters dissertation) in August, can’t seem to convince her to focus on one change at a time instead of expecting to get happiness from changing everything at once extremely stressfully.


this sounds familiar to me Ant

When I was with my ex her dissatisfaction with her job (nurse, often very busy and stressful) would often become all consuming and spill over into every aspect of our lives - leading to conversations about moving to the other side of the country etc etc etc etc

No real advise for you, just solidarity as I know how stressful it can be in your position - wanting to be supportive but also feeling like you have a lack of control over what’s going on in your lives


That’s exactly it. We’re six years in now so I’m more familiar with these patterns of thought than I used to be but it doesn’t stop it being stressful. Also find myself constantly questioning whether I’m being a walkover or not in these scenarios or if when I don’t back down if I’m being unduly obstinate.


Oh god, that sounds very stressful!
You’ve not been where you are very long, and I know you weren’t exactly enamored with it, but yeah totally agree that there needs to be one change at a time. You can’t just up and change EVERYTHING cause you’re not happy. And also that kind of attitude isn’t going to work well with a house purchase as you have to be committed relatively long term for that.

Does she like the area you live now or not so much? Can you look at places where you were before but get her to stick out the job/commute for a bit?