How's your love life DiS?


This is exactly the main thing I’m concerned about. If last year should have taught us anything it’s that the grass is literally less green sometimes, that penny doesn’t seem to have dropped though…


so I went for a bit of a mooch around at lunchtime and ended up bumping into her and going for a coffee

She left the door a bit ajar but basically I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing each other again

fuck I’m bored of this

Northern Hemisphere Daily Thread Jan 4th

I saw the name and thought for a split second “IT MUST BE A FACEBOOK NOTIFICATION I WONDER WHAT IT COULD POSSIBLY BE” which was quickly followed by a not insignificant amount of disdain for the tech industry.

Feelings can be such a bastard!


I’m sorry to hear this.


ah thanks but I’ll be fine in a few days I’m sure


Think we’re in trouble. My interest has waned hugely over the past few months. Our future plans don’t intersect at all. Going to have a talk on Sunday about it. If it ends I’ll be sad but I know we’ve had a really good time together.


Pretty sure my friend like-likes me too. Normally at this point I’d say something, but there’s no point given the distance (last 2 relationships have been LDRs and it just does not work for me) and that I’m not sure we’d work anyway. it’s nice to be appreciated though and have nice-but-genuine things said to me organically :slight_smile:


Love ok cupid for the weirdest people.

A guy once messaged people linking to my profile pretending I was his gf saying we were looking for group sex. Another guy once messaged me with just “drownedinsound”.


Who was the second one?! That’s weird.


he didnt reply when i asked




How odd.

My ex set up an account with a blank profile on OKC called ‘omfgy’ and for some reason I got notified frequently when she visited my profile. So I used to message her (not knowing it was her at the time) saying hi and asking who she was and why she kept visiting my profile. Even mentioned it to my ex saying how weird it was!

Then one day years later she was at my house and used my computer. Then I went on it after and went to gmail to check my email but it was still logged in as her and there were all these emails from OKC saying ‘omfgy check out who’s in your area now’ etc.

That was an amusing conversation to have.


:grimacing: whoops!


God messaging on tinder is tedious, and only one in like, 20 ever get back to me. :roll_eyes:

(Cos I’m uninteresting unfunny and unattractive I spose )


(That last bit was meant to be sarcastic, I of course believe I am beautiful, erudite and hilarious but Y NO REPLIES???)


If I got tinder and just messaged all my matches with “SNAP!”, would I become a lothario overnight?


Depends on if women are as harsh as men or not, I think


And if they’re sore losers with regards to simple card games


One of my housemates seemed to have the same problem when they used Tinder, half the time I’m convinced it’s basically just used for people to show their friends how many matches they got.


I actually had a reply from a nice man after posting this, hooray! But yeah I think you’re right. I once mentioned it to a (conventionally pretty) colleague and she was like ‘oh, it’s probably because they matched you as a joke, or their friend got hold of their phone and matched you and loads of girls as a joke’

Which has made me a liiiiiiitle paranoid!