How's your love life DiS?


“Hiya guys. Big fan of going to gigs, Ethiopian food, reading etc. Did you know that there’s an arrow in the FedEx logo?”

100% swipe right, guaranteed.


you finally found it then?


Yeah, in Edinburgh, just to the west of Bristol.


guys we’re talking about me


trying to find the earliest point that you mentioned this :smiley:



find love today Ruffers ffs.


Oh no, 14 and 88 are literally my favourite numbers, fuck you nazis


Does anyone else think the idea that there’s ‘plenty of fish in the sea’ is not really true?

I mean, most people you meet in your daily existence are not potential lovers.

I don’t think falling in love/not falling in love is something anyone can help. It just happens every now and then because of chemistry, and having chemistry with someone is rare.


nah, there are loads of potential matches out there for everyone. Human race wouldn’t survive if not


I mean there’s a relatively low percentage of people you’re that compatible with as a person/would have the chance to have meaningful relationships with, but that’s still thousands and thousands of people.


I actually think there’s a number of people you could potentially be with when I was doing the whole dating thing, there were definitely people who I could have easily ended up, who weren’t the tv, had our circumstances been different.


I’m in a bit of a weird place.

Still whatsapping the girl I like - but she has cold feet and is not making a huge effort to make time to see me. Close to cutting my loses but I don’t want to give up tooo easy. All a bit weird really. Hopefully we’ll see each other on Wednesday

Feel a bit like a teenager. Not enjoying it


This is totally what’s holding me back from the dating scene.

Well that, and being a hopeless romantic (as in hopeless at romance).

Well, that and that and not really being anyone’s cup of chai.


Don’t be silly m9 you’re a bloody lovely guy


Is this the bit where I say ‘Dinner?’

Siriusly tho… Thanks Ruffers.


don’t let my tale of woe put you off - this is not my first rodeo!


Oh no,

I totally relate to it.

I know I’d get suckered in, head over heels with someone and then when the inevitable happened, would spend nights and nights in bed listening to Walkaway by Cast on repeat and writing an alternative world fictional diary…


much like the lass at the end of IT, i will simply date all of you. ALL of you.


I am still a bit irked about this guy deleting me, we were having a good chit chat! He asked me how tinder was going for me so I told him the truth that his was the first conversation I’d had on there in ages, and that seemed to have scared him off? But, like… why? I wasn’t planning our wedding ffs

Really need to stop taking this so seriously