How's your love life DiS?


you’re overthinking. billions of reasons he could have deleted. don’t assume you’re the problem coz you’re not x


I’d say the percentage is stupidly low though, sometimes it feels like 1 in 10000 people. Either that or I’m just living in the completely the wrong area.


1 in 10,000 people is literally loads


like so many you’d never get the chance to meet them all


It is, although even 1/10,000 is perhaps being generous.


People do just disappear. He probably just decided to have a break from the whole thing and deactivated it


So don’t take it personally we all take it personally


not with that attitude



It’s weird because, as much as I’m a rational person and aware that the idea of the “soulmate” is kind of absurd, I do often worry that I’ll never meet anyone who compares to the last person I fancied and then (obviously) never told bc I’m stupid. I suppose the problem is more that, not telling people, leaves the possibility of what could’ve been hanging in such a way, and there’s that whole feeling of emptiness left over along with not really having those feelings for anyone you’re seeing regularly.

Or something.

I feel like all the above is just pure incoherent melancholic rambling.

So here are some farm animals and the farmers so I haven’t wasted everyone’s time :chicken: :cow: :pig: :man_farmer: :woman_farmer: :goat:


I was sat in HOME (Manchester’s premier independent cinema) at the weekend waiting for a friend to arrive to meet me. Didn’t fancy a drink so sat on this couch thing in the foyer opposite the entrance.

A woman walked in and kinda stopped in her tracks to look over at me, with what I thought was a hint of faint recognition or attraction. Then she carried on past towards the bar, before stopping again to look over at me.

I knew I was looking reasonably attrative that day, and had brushed my teeth and everything, so when she returned from the bar and once again looked right over at me I felt confident enough to risk a little smile (and possibly a wink but I can’t be sure, hopefully not).

She awkwardly smiled back, before scurrying away. I felt a bit confused and wondered what had gone wrong. Then my friend arrived and I stood up to greet them, turned around and realised I’d been sat under the huge sign with directions to all of the screens, theatre, and gallery spaces, and the woman had undoubtedly just been trying to work out where she was supposed to be.

Marry me?


Love it when that happens


:smile: :smiley: :smiley:

I love how you’re both the suave dude in that wedding photo and this guy. never change.


It’s a gift and a curse


spoke to someone when i was hammered at a new years party and woke up feeling certain she’d seemed interested/was flirting

then on friday i was in peckham and there was this woman sitting about 5 meters away maybe a bit further. i looked over and she made eye contact with me. this happened a few times over 5 or maybe 10 minutes. anyway eventually she looked me straight in the eyes for what seemed like forever and very slowly put on her lipstick.

in both situations i did nothing, of course


minor update- we just matched on tinder which is horrific because we have the same social circle/are mates

oh no


algorithms dont lie!!



It’s not horrific - it means someone you have met through mutual friends is interested in you. Most natural thing in the world, good for you.


I know I’m just an oaf :slight_smile:


Without the aid of a mirror, this is pretty damn impressive.