How's your love life DiS?


no she totally fucked it - just lipstick all the way around the face. looked insane.




I just read a few old posts and good heavens am I a real barrel of laughs in this thread


Got a date tonight, can’t be fucked, will go anyway and probably end up falling in love with her cos that’s how it goes


At least it’s not the third date then AMIRITE ^

^ I have no idea if I am right


add one more to the laugh barrel <3


Would like to somehow end up mutually ‘in love’ without having to talk or touch.





I’ve got drunk and joined tinder. Obviously I’m not using it and am just sitting in a pub on my own wondering where it all went wrong but it’s a start!!!



oh shit.

immediately begin to use it and live blog EVERY connection


Might be going on a date tonight. I feel like I’m going on… definitely… too many.


you are going on a lot. Is your bank balance surviving??


Face like this don’t pay for drinks! (payday tomorrow)


my mates in the pub last night were talking about how tinder is ruined now and that it’s impossible to meet anyone on it and people only use it for the banter and back in their day tinder was good and how now it’s only for dickheads etc etc etc

fascinating i’m sure you’ll agree


Don’t mean to insult your mates but having despite only having had it a week and a half I think that’s absolutely untrue.


i have heard half that and half the opposite from various pals. but lass friends say basically that, and have moved to…erm… happen or bumble i think?


Reckon their should be an app for people who just want to develop an unrequited love thing but never act on it


I was talking to some bumble workers today and it’s all run by girls and the app only allows girls to send the first message which makes a lot of sense
Quite annoying people start-up people though obviously


does anyone want to go on a date?