How's your love life DiS?


Kind of want an asexual girlfriend so bad :pensive:


just had a look at these… need a facebook don’t you? same as tinder.



I’m scared that all my Facebook friends will know I’m not the cool lone wolf they all definitely admire me for being


Never going to happen though because I’m terrible at this kind of thing online. I get worried about coming across as to weird so end up seeming super boring instead.

Also statistically really difficult to find asexual women who like women when you live anywhere but especially so outside of a major urban centre.

Seriously guys, you have it so easy you wouldn’t even believe…


I can empathise with this. Whenever I’m interested in someone, there’s always a few interactions of me being the most boring person ever around her before I can hopefully get the chance of acting like an actual human


I really cannot imagine ever dating someone who wasn’t weird x


I’d say being nice but boring is actually ok on the first date. It wouldn’t put me off someone, as I’d understand it could be down to nerves. Being a wanker on the other hand is far harder to overlook.


turns out that getting a date is easy, you just wait for a DiSer to ask and then say yes


It’s weird how the impulse is to hide that stuff, I’m aware that - if somebody’s going to like me - it’ll probably be for some really weird characteristic or something, but the immediate impulse is to be a boredomcore as possible. WHICH ITSELF IS WEIRD




being a wanker on a first date means they’re a wanker

i mean, if you can’t hide it on a first date you must SUCH an awful person

everyone is capable of being boring. for example, don’t ever ever ever let me talk about using statistical modelling to work out F1 driver performance

seriously tho, don’t


part of me wants to write a self-pitying ‘I’M GREAT SO WHY HAVE I NEVER BEEN ON A ‘DATE’ (pre-relationship) ALSO I’VE NOT FANCIED ANYONE WHO LIVES WITHIN 200 MILES OF ME SINCE 2011’ post

but then i remember i’m lazy and super picky and when i look at Tinder i just get grossed out by all the men and cba tbh. also while i’m great, it’s the kind of niche greatness that largely intersects with serial killer men and old men fancying me.

i’m hoping that my housemate/landlord’s incredibly intense, devout progressive Christian relationship where they analyse and talk in depth about EVERY SINGLE THING and are constantly talking about their future wedding/marriage WHEN THEY ARE NOT EVEN ENGAGED (even though they clearly will be…) will put me off relationships. i’m happy for them because they’re clearly ~soulmates~ and it’s right for them, but also it’s an exhausting relationship to be in close proximity to when you have an extremely different ideal in mind.


I used to worry this was the case with me too but I think it’s more that it’s something creepy horrible men get into your head to make you feel less valued and like you have to get with them. you deserve only the best pervo :heartpulse:




why sure I’d love to!






no no no this is lovely and I can tell you needed it. nothing wrong with feeling good about things, and this is truly something to feel elated about :slight_smile:


I don’t think I could bring myself to ever go on another date. 95% of the ones I’ve been on have been no different from a job interview.


Yeah I think you’re right. :slight_smile: Thanks


i’m imagining you with the same expression as your avatar reading this