How's your love life DiS?


I should really get around to changing that. Christmas is long gone.


been overcome by a bizarrely intense feeling of abstract love today. hope it doesn’t come across as horribly creepy, but essentially i’ve just been filled with gleeful joy by the thought of my ‘crush’ and their existence in the world. as in, i’m just happy to be on the same planet at the same time as them, and even though i don’t really know them and never will, the prospect of the love and happiness that they’ll experience in their own life makes my own existence seem somehow so much worthwhile, even though i don’t realistically foresee anything other than loneliness for myself.

(that reads like a negative end to the post but i can’t stop grinning)


I don’t know really. I was out with some lovely people tonight and had a great chat with a lovely person who I’m sure was giving me signals, but I’m not sure. Anyway, we massively geeked out about the same things (mostly TV and film) and she wants to go bowling and stuff with me.


niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice work

what did you geek out about?


I’m nothing if not incredibly smooth*


We chatted about Fargo (TV series), Coen Bros, Spaced, how shit Simon Pegg is, X-Men, Horror shizzle. We got on to bowling over a mutual love for Lebowski and the third season of Fargo.


blimey that’s quite the list! and if she wants to meet up then who knows what could happen :+1:


I saw Simon Pegg once in a kids’ hairdressers in Radlett. His daughter was getting a haircut, so was my son. He left his sunglasses behind so I ran after him to give them back to him.

“Excuse me Mr Pegg, you left your sunglasses behind” I said.
“Oh, uh.” he muttered taking the sunglasses off me.
“Fucking bell-end.” I didn’t say.


Tinder is great. Actually quite enjoying it.

Date tomorrow (although she looks EXaCTLY like the girl I’m obsessed with, which isn’t healthy) so gonna have a wash and brush my teeth.

Got a bit tipsy last night and asked a girl which of her rabbits or cats would win in a fight to the death. Hard to start a conversation, eh.


It’d be one of the cats, wouldn’t it? Unless the rabbit was General Woundwort.


Ha, traumatising.
I thought the BBC were doing a new version for a 2017 Christmas release? Hmm


Actually, I’ve just marckee’d it and it’s been delayed to the latter half of 2018. Excellent.


How the fuck anyone thought “Yeah, this is fine for young children” is beyond me. It’s properly horrific.
Due out the second half of this year, apparently.
EDIT: yep, the rabbits are delayed…


Had a successful Tinder date with a Swedish person last night - she seemed quite keen to meet up again

Going for drinks/ dinner with my friend from work tonight. We’ve always had a bit of a “thing”. She’s relatively freshly single, but also has a 1 year old kid. Not sure what to do for the best really. My instinct tells me to keep things at a friends level, as we get on great and I dont want things to get weird with someone I work with

Things not entirely done with the girl I was seeing over Christmas, but she thinks she maybe wants to have a baby ASAP, so not sure it’s got legs really. So weird though, like I’m totally cool with this, but a week ago when I thought it was just she didn’t like me that much I was devastated. Need to work on my fear of rejection


Oh and this morning my phone was saying I had a friend request from an ex from 7 years ago. But when I went into Facebook it was gone, like she changed her mind and retracted it. Bit weird


drunk fbing


:smiley: He was probably thinking “ooh, which movie franchise can I be unbearable in next!” or something.


So … I think I want to end my long distance relationship. Seeing her in a weeks time but that will only be the second time being together in 6 months, and that’s not really a relationship right? No chance of her moving back til summer 2019 and it just feels like we aren’t growing together like a couple should, while at the same time just more time is passing so things keep getting more “serious” in that way.

Main issue is how could I possibly do it? In person seems terrible since I want to actually enjoy our time together and staying and traveling with her would be impossible afterwards. And doing it on a call seems so throwaway after being together this long.

Idk just a bit down so any advice or thoughts are very welcomed!


that feeling when you wake up like… ugh i’m hungover as fuck but at least i… didn’t… oh no…


“please take me back"
7 hours pass


I sometimes worry about how I would end a relationship if I was in that situation. Which is amazingly stupid levels of thinking too far into the future. My attitude should be not so much “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it”, as “I’ll cross that bridge when both the river comes into existence and I encounter a need to bridge said river”. Or something.