How's your mood right now out of 10?

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don’t think too hard about it just go with it :peace_symbol:

5 now - know I’ll be a safe 8 or 9 if I go to yoga but I also want to go to the beach while it’s still sunny , but that might not hit the heights, but I’m also lazy

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Cried listening to a podcast about Eurovision earlier


wish I could do yoga, when my friend talks about it it sounds pretty cool and useful but alas I am lazy and stubborn

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It really is good (if you find a class you vibe with), and it’s not as much effort as playing 5 a side or going for a big run, but it’s still effort

I normally go with my daughter which makes a great extra incentive to go, but she’s away for 2 months :frowning:


I think he just does it at home tbh

Bit sleepy but happy and mainly relieved

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Going to be cooking then running then eating then watching football this evening so likely to improve drastically

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don’t forget sleeping!

I can’t cope with YouTube yoga - I have to break position to see what’s going on on the screen . And I give up before it’s over, it would be embarrassing to do that at a class

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Was 4/10, but then I had half a tin of beans straight from the tin so went up to 7/10. Finished them, so back to 4/10


cold beans? reading this has dropped me to a 6 :frowning:

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Yeah. Cold beans are boss, man.


it’s good that the things I dislike have a place somewhere


nothing needs doing. just had a nice sit in the sun, gonna have tea and then sit in the sun some more.

the sun is great


The boss is away today, it’s been a quiet day at work, and I’m going to have a good old sing in the car (which will probably nudge me up to an 8 tbh)

oh, and the sun’s out, it’s a short week this week, it’s an even shorter week next week too filled with loads of friends and good music


Hey @Bamnan. I was so-so, then I played this little one-minute game sent to me from a pal.

I’m now sending it to you:

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Was expecting some snazzy new trainers to arrive today. DPD told me they’d be arriving today, nothing’s shown up. Checked tracking, says the parcel has been “relabelled to continue it’s journey.” Look harder in the details and I’ve asked for them to be delivered to my work address but I’ve typed in my home postcode*. IDIOT.

(*maybe autofill did it but still my mistake)



Nothing wrong, bit hungry but will fix that soon enough, just feeling a bit flat and uninspired and have probably exhausted my current hyperfixation and don’t feel the pull of another one yet.

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aww thanks pal!