How's your posture, friends?

Mine is a load of abysmal shite.


Really baaaaad
I’m 24 and everything hurts.
not looking forward to the future


I need to work on engaging my core.

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Alternates between really good, and really bad. Mainly because I have scoliosis, and catch myself slumping, and remember the advice of the osteopath/physio and overcompensate.

The osteopath persuaded me to get one of these. It makes an annoying noise if you slouch. The instructions warn you never to use it at work, because everyone will hate you.

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Absolutely terrible. I get really bad lower back pain sometimes and I think it’s because I love a good slouch. I feel a bit “Hey, check out my CHEST” when I properly straighten up :face_with_raised_eyebrow: need to work on it tho.


I convinced myself I had scoliosis :confused: I went to ask about it at the doctor and it went a bit wrong and I came away a bit embarrassed and haven’t enquired since.

I’m basically laying down as I type this


----- Head


-------------------------- --------------------Feet


Not bad, when I was a kid my mum was forever telling me to stand up straight, put my shoulders back etc or I’d end up round shouldered. It must have had an effect as even now, aged 49, I still find myself straightening my shoulders when I’m walking. So, thanks mum, I guess.

I had to have an MRI and stuff, turns out I have pretty dodgy hypermobile joints too. I’ve probably had it since I was a kid, but it never caused me any grief until I fell down some stairs in 2008 and broke my coccyx and dislocated my shoulder and the rest of my back was just like “ugh! I give up”

no problems whatsoever but this is probably luck more than anything. can’t imagine i have good posture.

Oh god!! That sounds like quite a fall :frowning:

I went through a phase of being a bit… I guess, worried about everything little ache and oddity? so to be honest they were probably like “you’re fine, come back with a real problem next time” Haha… I dunno, I’m probably fine.

I thought the shoulder had healed, and then I dislocated it again playing bowling a few months later. I still haven’t played bowling since!

:scream: Eeeeemmm… crikey. I don’t blame you.

Bit like the Democrats!

Been thinking that I should try pilates or something for a while, my posture is awful, I get lots of muscle injuries when running etc. Can’t bring myself to do it though, same as how we have a masseuse at work once a week and she would absolutely work wonders with me but I just cannot do it.

For people in London, I recommend this place near Swiss Cottage. The graduating phsyio/osteopathy students have to get so many clinical hours with the public. The people who treated me were great, and it was often with an expert tutor there too. They do £13 concessionary appointments.

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I have hypermobile joints. I’ve dislocated my fingers a bunch but they just pop back in (most of the time).

I also separated (2/3 ligaments went iirc) my shoulder about three years ago. It’s popped out once since but I just popped it back in.

I did mine drunkenly doing a forward roll down a hill at Glastonbury.

Nah, I’m not even registered with a GP at the minute which I need to rectify…