How's your posture?

Mine’s fucking terrible, and getting worse on account of playing a heavy as fuck guitar. What am I gonna do about it? Nothing, obviously.

But enough about me. W.b.u?

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alright, i think?

Terrible, the absolute worst. Every time I see a photo of me I suddenly address it out of sheer embarrassment then 30 seconds later my body is r shaped again


Mine’s excellent, even though I’ve been playing heavy basses for years. I hope to continue this period of posture into my later years.

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So bad that Facebook knows about how bad it is


I got a healthcheck through work a few years ago, and it was OK but had a slight curve near the base of the spine, but nothing to be concerned about.

Terrible. I have 2 diagnosed spinal conditions (scoliosis and kyphosis) and sciatica, and I’m 6ft6 tall. I need to be at the very least seeing a physio once a fortnight, and ideally a chiropractor or osteopath too. I am not doing any of these things.

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When you saw this thread, did you suddenly readjust your posture?

  • Yes
  • No, I am happy with my r shape
  • No, it was already great

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  • i sat up straighter after i read this thread
  • i am a filthy liar
  • milk no sugar, ta

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Shit posture crew

  • Aint gonna do anything about it
  • Plan to do something about it, maybe
  • Got some kind of regime on the go (deets pls)

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Great poll

you motherfucker

i’m not gonna vote in your poll out of spite

I voted in your poll because I didn’t like the idea of you being upset

Something that becomes more important the older you get. Mine’s probably better now than at any time since I learned how to walk

no need for that, what i meant was i’m not going to vote in your poll out of spite, it will be out of love and respect for you my dear friend

you’ve ruined all that

How long ago did you learn to walk?

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I have misread this entire situation, and for that, I apologise

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didn’t @shrewbie get some kind of device for this

how you getting on with it, shrewbs?

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