How's your sleep lately?

really desperately don’t want to let my sleep pattern get all messed up but i think it’s slipping lately. staying up a bit too late and then struggling to get up and then rolling into work all groggy. the bloody weather doesn’t help!!! can’t have the window open either because high street. gutted mate.

but enough about me eh. how about YOU?!!?

Hello Eric. My sleep is “bad” on accounts of how I am “bad at sleeping” and because my bedroom gets too much light so I wake up at sunrise and can’t get back to sleep.

HOWEVER, the pandemic has meant that my worrying developing “sleeping pill addiction” is less of a concern to me as a result of having to go “cold turkey” as I cannot get them any more on accounts of the “lockdown”


because i’m not working, i’m getting to sleep around 5 in the morning and not getting up till 11.

it’s fine.


Bed around midnight. Stirred awake around 6am. Do over and over, feel terrible, learn nothing.


1am-6.30am more or less every single night, sometimes wake up earlier. Should go to sleep earlier really but :man_shrugging:t2:

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Mine’s all over the shop. Waking up feeling drained as well.
Had a bottle of wine last night, I know it’s not the answer, but slept a solid seven hours.

on average, how much sleep you getting (hours!!!)

  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • more

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mad dreams pretty well every night. Quite fun nonsense adventures in many cases but it means I often start the day a bit baffled

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Pretty bad, I stay up too late every night and then can’t sleep cos my stupid housemate has had a smoker’s cough for months and our walls are thin and then get woken up at 7 by the building works in the street

hi ant. i’m sorry to hear about this. what time do you get to sleep at night and have you tried going to bed earlier?

6 hours of sleep? :scream: that hardly seems enough

5 and a half hours? :scream:

Awful! Have had a couple of totally sleepless nights and a few bad nights as well. Almost like being jet lagged
Hope it will settle down soon

I get into bed in and around 2200hrs, I am (hopefully) asleep by 2330 but, unfortunately, I am usually woken up at around 0430 or so and then just lay there for hours trying to get back to sleep with differing levels of success

I’ve been really surprised at how good my sleep has been during all of this, I’m getting to sleep pretty easily. However since stopping working I’m pretty much going to bed at 2-3am and not getting up till 12 which is pretty abnormal for me. Seem to remember my dreams a lot more too.


It’s a real shitter tbqfh

Yeah fine. Midnight-ish to 7.30, if I’m not woken up by e.g. a low-flying police helicopter at 4 am (not a hypothetical example).

I don’t mean to brag but I’m pretty good at sleeping.

its too much, feel groggy when I get up.

4-5 is optimum, but no need to get up :woman_shrugging:

At the most.