How's your sleep lately?


bet hoogy’s gonna come in and say he gets 3 hours a night and it’s plenty

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  • I am good at sleeping
  • I am bad at sleeping
  • I am neither good or bad at sleeping

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i sleep fine as along as i have a tv on or am listening to podcasts. sleeping in silence is absolutely impossible, dunno how people do it.

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Absolutely cannot get back to sleep after I wake up either, and as for naps, nopes.

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Close my eyes and wait

Yeah, what the beautiful frog lady said.

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tried it, doesn’t work

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Weird, lots of vivid dreams, not sleeping until 2 ans having to watch kdramas to fall asleep as the effort of reading and watching helps me sleep. Lots on Netflix which helps

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You must be doing it wrong

So so bad at the moment. Is it booze? It is isn’t it?


7.5 hours. better than normal. not going out anywhere means Im in bed for 10:00-10:30pm, asleep 10 minutes later and wake up at 6am.

bet Ive well and truly jinxed it now haven’t I… :expressionless:


I cannot begin to imagine how nice this is


yep, always have headphones on watching TV.

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i just use some basic in ears which aint perfect but the best i’ve found. i dream of the perfect pair of sleeping headphones. tried one of those headbands but it didn’t do it for me.

before the rona I had bouts of bad sleep and insomnia and stuff so Im enjoying this.

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how does one go to bed at 9:30?

bit weird recently seems to be a bit like

sleep: 12-3 or 4

awake: 3-4 or 5

sleep: 5 - 8:30 or thereabouts

yeah Ive got a headband. they bleed sound badly so I have to have it on the lowest setting but its enough to send me off.

You couldn’t be more wrong. Seven hours is optimum, anything less than 5 and I’ll be unbearable during the day.

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sadly I think its the routine :confused:
if I ever get to be able to go out again or have people round I cant be home and in bed at 10pm, yet will still have to get up at 6… few days of that and its no beuno