How's your sleep recently?

Every night now I seem to get to sleep quite quickly which is new for me but I fall into what I think is quite a deep sleep, have a vivid and seemingly lengthy dream, wake up - and about an hour has passed. Luckily I seem to get back to sleep soon after and mostly sleep through but still, it’s annoying. Been going on for like a month

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Surprisingly decent since I got some memory foam pillows. Absolute gamechangers, was having big problems before. Went away for a few days recently and couldn’t sleep properly without them.

Another thing which helped me before was the Headspace app.

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Broken, usually wake up 2-3 times a night but fall back asleep unless its light. Sleeping used to be my superpower, could sleep anywhere, slept 8 hours straight and sometime slept 12 hours, dead to the world. This all ended when i became an adult, by 20 i was on zopiclone

Things that help: being at the right temp, in the winter its full pjs and socks, duvet and blanket, now its tshirt and shorts and duvet and an open window. Satin pillow helps a lot too, as does chamomile tea

Sleeping much less (like 2 hours less per night, down from almost 8 hours to 6), but waking up way way easier. Sunrise having a big effect on me I think.

Getting to sleep much better than normal which is very good.

Waking up way earlier than I want to every day which is very bad.

been a little better this week, isolating means I can’t go out and buy booze so it’s really doing me a favour

Much the same as it’s been for a very long time. Totally awful. I suffer from sleep apnea as a result of what my doctor discovered to be “massive tonsils”. Supposed to be getting them removed at some point later this year. Can’t wait.

I’m very bad sleep wise but just the odd night of proper insomnia at the moment so feels relatively ok.

Dog sleeps through 5 hours max though so no chance of ever feeling like I’m getting enough sleep.

I feel a bit like @barleysugar posting this, but according to my Fitbit, my sleep is “good”

I’m fairly sure their algorithm is bollocks though. One of the factors that I’ve worked out is how low your heart rate goes over night, and part of my blood pressure medication reduces my heart rate. And I could always do with another half an hour in bed at least but I always get woken up by a tiny human alarm clock.

So “good” is a bit of a stretch IMO

Sad. I’ve been sleeping alone in the attic for weeks now because of covid. It’s cold and lonely up there and the mattress is very thin. I want my proper bed and my warm partner back.

I can only really sleep when i am very tired so I have to balance my nights with one night getting a good night’s sleep (6-7 hours) and the next I will get a few hours (2-3 hours) as i will not be tired until the early hours of the morning every other day.

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Majorly cutting down in my drinking has undoubtedly been a big factor in my sleep improving too actually, forgot about that.

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Shite recently, as confirmed by checking my Fitbit stats. Averaging 5 hrs 15 mins per night doesn’t sound like very much :grimacing:

EDIT: only just seen that fellow Fitbiter @rob.orch’s stats up ^there. Now got stat envy…

Not great. Need some proper blackout blinds

Fitbit takes off the time it thinks you were “awake” to get to that number, so looking at my sleep for last night, I went to sleep about half ten, woke up at 7, so by rights that should be 8 1/2 hours sleep, but it says I only had 7h 18m

Unfortunately, I am definitely awake during the night so it’s got that right :frowning:

could hear my neghbour having sex last night so i put my big headphones on to sleep in. woke up with terrible neck pain today.

not great, all told.

keep having insanely sweaty night terrors, and horrible anxiety dreams that my partner is leaving me for someone else and being a dick about it, both of which wake me up in a state and don’t allow much room for dropping off again after. Then i just lie there uncomfortable and worrying about other stuff.

on about 5 hrs if that. ugh

being tired really does make it hard to cope with even the slightest bump in the road also doesn’t it? horrible.