How's your sleep recently?

Rubbish as ever. For some reason I’m in the middle of a 12.15am (or so) to 5.50am sleeping pattern and I hate it.


Stress and/or snoring (not mine) mean I’m spending more than half the night in the spare room and shuffling between beds

Weird. Not having a routine means I either sleep too much or too little and I’ve mostly been unable to sleep until about 2am. I accidentally took a midday nap yesterday.

Fall asleep ok, but seem to wake up at 4:30 and then I toss and turn and lay there for ages until my partner’s alarm goes off 10 minutes before mine is due to and I have the best and most beautiful 10 mins sleep until the agony of getting up begins

What’s this? Would like to know how the moon affects me too

Total shit. Nightmares all night where I suddenly realize I’m maskless and not in my apartment, or that family is in my apartment, or that I’m not in my apartment and my respirator starts crumbling off of my face. Then I wake up and it’s still hellworld / living through collapse and that realization is enough to get my brain going enough that it’s hard to fall back asleep.

Still orders of magnitude better than when I worked in an office at least.

tend to fall asleep when i’ve had a beer but feel really tired the next day

then when I stop drinking can’t sleep properly

until after a few days when sleep is great and I’ll have 10 hours a night and feel great

then the cycle starts again.

just need to stop drinking

Usually get 6-7 hours, I sleep fine it’s just I don’t usually get to bed until 2am even if I’m really trying to get an early night.
Since the panny-d my ocd tendencies have gotten a little worse and I can sometimes spend up to an hour plus checking my hob/fridge/plugs/shower/taps/lights over and over again before I can get into bed. I have no idea how I’ll be stopping that but it ain’t fun.

Absolutely fucked.

Generally, go to bed far too late and hit snooze way too many times. Trying to shift back towards getting up earlier but the idea of actually having to get up and face the day is really fucking hard right now.

Last couple of days, though, been fucked in a completely different direction, just massive insomnia, not going to sleep until 2-3am and then waking up at 5am and completely unable to get back to sleep. I’m just exhausted.

It’s terrible thanks I have a 4 month old child.

It was crap before too but that was more work stress tbh

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I’ve not had more than 4 hours sleep in one go for over 8 months now, lol. I imagine I’ll feel like a new person when it does eventually happen.

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About six nights a week I get a solid eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Around once a week I’ll lie awake for hours and get so frustrated at not being able to sleep that I’m not far off crying, wake up after around four hours kip anticipating the worst day of my life but it’s always…fine.

Two or three times a year I’ll get no sleep whatsoever. As in, still wide awake when the alarm goes off at 5am.

Do you ever ring in sick due to lack of sleep? Feels like it’s frowned upon somewhat. Maybe I just need to work in better places, but it’s like having zero sleep’s not as acceptable a reason as, say, having a liquid ass. You shouldn’t need an excuse for not going into work, imho.

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I’ve done it, but usually say it’s because of a migraine or something.

I have done if its hangover related (only once or twice) but luckily I can sort of cope okay if I haven’t slept alright normally. If i had two consecutive nights of more or less no sleep I would consider it

Weird - I’ve had this a fair few times lately. Sometimes it’s nice, but sometimes I’m like Wile E Coyote looking down and realising there’s no ground underneath (except I’m noticing I am actually very tired)

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Its well odd, it proper feels like a real sleep. The other night i’d been asleep 40 minutes and I’d have sworn it was 6 hours

Working from home made it easier to take so.e action on it for me

Though my tiredness meant my brain wasn’t engaged enough to stop me from going

“I was supposed to come in to the office but I slept reallt badly and couldn’t be bothered”

Absolute shit but it’s the price I pay for having had a child (she doesn’t wake up any more but she broke my sleep) and now a cat that seems to feel if it doesn’t pester and sit on me 3 or 4 times a night it’s not doing its job.