How's your sleep?

Last night I slept well for the first time in ages. This heat just isnt good for me trying to doze off. Last week I dont think I got to sleep before 2.15 once and then found myself waking at 7 or so. Urgh

Last night was one of those situations where I was too exhausted to actually get to sleep (weirdly). There was one point I thought I was really struggling to get to sleep, then i noticed the pigeon staring at me and realised “no, this is just a kind of boring dream”.

At which point the pigeon flew past the curtains and started pecking aggressively at me

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I’ve been taking an over-the-counter sleeping pill every night for months now and I’m starting to come up against some resistance to that given they’re supposed to be short-term use only.

Tried my first night without one last night and it was abysmal, woke up at 4:45 and didn’t get back to sleep until 20 minutes before my alarm went off.

Sorely tempted to go and stock up on the pills again but should probably try it for longer than one night…

Amazing. five nights in a row of my son sleeping through for 12-13 hours unbroken. I keep pinching myself as I’m drunk on sleep after 2 years of waking very 90-120 minutes to breastfeed. (I do miss our night feeds though).


Mine: gold standard
GF’s: terrible :frowning:

Utterly shite atm.

Had a very good couple of weeks and now back to…Not That

Since we started doing a quick crossword in bed each night, my sleep has improved SO MUCH. Takes about 20 min per crossword and I’m usually almost nodding off near the end of it.

The problem is: I’m still so tired. All of the time. Will I ever not be tired?!

Not great but it’s mainly cause I’ve got a shit mattress. When I get one from a box from the internet later in the summer I’ll be grand

Please don’t take the pills any more Tone.

Talk me through your bedtime routine. Sleep hygiene is key!!


My bedtime routine goes a little something like this:

  1. Have a glass of water
  2. Do a wee wee
  3. Remove my clothing until I am nude
  4. Pop phone on charge
  5. Get into bed
  6. Wait until any pre-sleep chat has subsided
  7. Pop earplugs in
  8. Get too hot
  9. Feel myself drifting off only to be awoken by a sudden movement/snore from my beloved partner
  10. Continue to be too hot
  11. If I’ve had a pill, get to sleep eventually and sleep through the night
  12. If I haven’t had a pill, get to sleep eventually but wake up at several different points in the night with varying success at getting back to sleep

really awful. because of my work schedule (usually start work at 6 and don’t finish until about 10 or 11), I get to sleep around 5 or 6 in the morning and sleep til about 11:30. I have an early start on Friday and just don’t usually sleep the Thursday night.

When do you stop going on your phone?

I think you need a fan or something to cool you down if you’re too hot. Or a window open or something?

I pop my phone on night light mode but I probably do look at it too late in the day, that’s a fair point.

Open window helps somewhat, we had to get a smaller bed when we moved last year which hasn’t helped and it’s one of those foam mattresses which just makes you feel about a million degrees as well, neither of those factors have helped either.

Tbh, the main issue is the fact that I get into spirals of depressive/anxious thoughts whenever I am struggling to sleep and do a stupid thing where I play out hypothetical conversations in my head and get worried about them. The realisation that I do this unfortunately doesn’t help me to stop doing it.

Really terrible to be totally honest. I go to bed too late and always wake up too early. I don’t know what to do really.

I’ve been trying to not look at my phone past maybe 9pm and then have at least 40 mins phone free before bed, won’t even look at it to check the time and that has helped SO MUCH.

Can you get another mattress? Those foam ones are terrible for heat cause I feel like theres no air circulating in there.

I hear ya. I get the same thing. If I wake up, i’ll be playing out a conversation in my head and stuff like that and then before I know it, i’m definitely awake. You should try to get up and read or something if you are awake for 15 minutes in bed. If you stay in bed any longer, you’ll be less likely to fall back to sleep apparently (this is what they said in my insomnia CBT).


Your optimum bed time:

  • Between 8pm and 9pm
  • Between 9pm and 10pm
  • Between 10pm and 11pm
  • Between 11pm and 12pm
  • After Midnight
  • Other:

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I’ll be lobbying hard for a new bed/mattress with our next move for sure. I will absolutely resent having to fork out for two mattresses in the space of a year though.