How's your sleep?

Pretty good. My mental health really deteriorates if I don’t sleep enough so try get to bed early most nights.

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What’s happening with your moving?
Buy a mattress now! who gives a shit. Sleep is the most important thing ever. It’s such a contributor to bad MH and then that cycle will lead to less sleep.


I get the depressive/anxiety thing, and sometimes what helps is doing a simple game in my head where I list different things starting with different letters of the alphabet. e.g. listing countries or football clubs beginning with letters of the alphabet from A-Z. If I stop doing it and thing about something else, then I have to start again from A. It sounds a bit dumb but sometimes really helps and I’m asleep by, like, H.

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Definitely going to move out of our current flat in July, aim is to get a share to buy place in Hackney (as both of us will be working there imminently) but that will almost certainly involve having to take an interim rent there first.

Yeah, I sometimes find counting backwards from 100 and starting again any time something other than the counting enters my thoughts but that often leads to frustration as well.

I moved from pills to sleepy-tea:

They work, and they taste alright too


Nice one. This is the sort of thing I might explore as well actually cheers.

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I’d definitely recommend it. I tend to work a bit in the evening and then my mind is often racing with things as a try to get to sleep, it’s not ideal but you drink a tea and then 30 mins later feel your eyes start to get quite heavy.

Let me know how you go. All meows tips regarding sleep hygiene are sensible but even with that I still struggle to nod off sometimes. I also use them when I’ve been travelling as a way to help overcome jetlag

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hate these, so hot

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Okay considering. Some nights it takes me about an hour to nod off, i think this is down to a combination of longterm stress and staring at screens. Tent to get a solid 7-9 hours, though, apart from odd morning where silly anxiety dreams about jobs or exams i had fifteen years ago wake me up, and once i’m awake and my brain’s started whirring that’s that, the day’s pretty much a write off. Only sleep issue i have is i can’t lie on my right side due to abdominal pain, so i pretty much spend the whole night every night on my left side and it’s making my shoulder on that side quite stiff.

yeah that’s the problem. Also no football clubs start with x.

Since baby moved into her own room I sleep pretty brilliantly. Try and get to bed before midnight, lie down on my back for five minutes while my brain slows down, turn onto side and BOOM, out for seven hours of dreamless void.

Try telling that to Jordan Stewart during his brief spell at Xanthi FC…

I have a new sleepy tea which is THE BOMB and has me snoozing before i’ve finished the cup.

Bit pricey but it’s delicious.

My problem is I like to have it in a huge mug which is a little shy of a pint. I then refill that maybe half so I wake up a few times in the night to pee! Which is quite counter productive for a sleepy tea

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absolutely knew this would lead to loads of suggestions :joy:

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ive been tired since 1997

I have heard caffeine can have different effect on different people. For example some ppl can have a coffee at 9pm be asleep by 11pm but others can have a coffee at 4pm and not be able to get to sleep for ages, a delayed effect or something. So Ant maybe try and not have any caffeine in the afternoon and see if it helps in the evening

Not good jet lagged from holiday, I have a tickly cough that keeps waking me up and to top it all a magpie has been knocking on my bedroom window at 6am for the last two mornings! Chirpy bastard!

As we all know from his famous coffee thread, Tone only drinks caffeine at lunch time.

Sugar? Maybe he’s having too much sugar. Tone!?