How's yr drinking then?


Nightly drinker?

Daily thinker?

How much are you drinking each week on average.

Averaging around 30 units a week. Which is probably not good for you.


Yeah I’m about a 30 units a week man on average. Sometimes way less, sometimes way more.

Would like to get it down but it’s a struggle.


Drink about once a month, that’s gradually ramping up as we head into the festive period.


I wonder why that is.

Just so relaxing.


Hardly drinking at the moment as I’m trying to lose as fair bit of weight.

I had 4 cans of beer on Friday night and had a proper hangover. 2 of the beers were only like 3.8%!

To be honest, i’m almost totally off it because I am hating on hangovers and mood swings so much right now. It was making me a little bit erratic.


Don’t count units.

Have a few beers at the weekend, sometimes during the week too.

Sometimes a bottle of wine.

Sometimes @japes and @thewarn visit you and you end up drinking all the shite spirits you have, so who knows really.


probably fine.


Yeah I’ll typically drink 3 nights a week. If I don’t go to the pub in the week I’ll have a couple of whiskys at home one evening. Then Friday I’ll either go to the pub or go home and have the best part of a bottle of red. Saturday I’ll most likely go out or have people over or something.

Only really drink enough to have a hangover once or twice a month these days but it all adds up.


I’d say 10 beers a week if I’m going to football on a Saturday.
5-6 beers a week otherwise.
Occasionally a glass of wine.


Anyone go through a phase of relatively heavy drinking?

Say, like, six bottles of wine a week or something?


Nah not really. Only really happens if it’s a stag do or an all-dayer or something and all bets are off.


Probs a couple of beers a day in the week. Weekend depends, sometimes not much more, sometimes six or more beers. Pretty much no wine. Very rarely spirits. Units is probably too much, but I hate having so much that I’m hungover. I’m overweight, but it’s pretty stable at the moment, if I start ballooning again I’ll have to cut back.


are you feeling better this week sexybum? x



Bit worried now.


Do you find you sleep alright each night?

Even if I have 2 low % beers and loads of water before bed, my sleep is shit and disturbed!


Sleep like a baby with vivid dreams.

Even after a bottle of wine. Wake up thirsty at around 3 in the morn, so I drink some water.


We all go through phases of drinking more than usual. Depends what proportion of those are because of circumstance (i.e. it’s Christmas or you have a lot of birthdays coming up) or because you just want to drink loads apropos of nothing.


Yeah, generally. I typically have one beer at work (yay start-ups!), about 6pm, then will have one with / after dinner. Doubt I ever go over the drink drive limit. You could argue I should knock them on the head because they’re “empty calories” and I’m just thoughtlessly having them out of habit (plus they cost money), but on the other hand I fucking love beer.


I just drink for nothing. Reckon I should see somebody? Been going on for about a year now.


If you’re only drinking around 30 units a week doesn’t sound too bad. Although if you’re concerned about it - cut down.