How's yr drinking then?


And if you find you CAN’T cut down - then maybe think about taking some real action.


Yep. If it’s dependency then that needs to be seen to.


cut right down these days. go hard maybe once a month, rest of the time only drink if we’ve got guests over for a meal or leftover wine from said meals. It feels good.


Shit man. How long were you drinking 100 units?


Sometimes. Like, last week I got absolutely smashed every night from Wednesday to Saturday. Not ideal.


Heavy question warning:

Were you depressed at all during this period? Or completely functional?


Yeah but is beer a treat any more? or is it just a drink?

How much money could you save if you didn’t drink that much?


Yeah, but if it’s pleasurable, is it really a waste of money? The saving money fallacy. It only applies if you’ve got a mortgage to pay off or something.


Most weeks, 0 units a week. Had a beer at home last night. Might have been the first time I’ve had a drink at home in 3-4 months or so.


Interesting man, very interesting. Functional alcoholism (or any drug dependence) fascinates me. So contrary to how everybody tells you to live your life. I sound 12, but it’s true.


No, it’s not a treat, it’s something I’ll have as a standard - but then, why should something I enjoy and isn’t particularly harmful be considered as a treat?

I’d probably save an absolute tonne if I didn’t drink at all, but beer is one of my only two real hobbies, so I’m quite happy to direct my money there. There’s definitely a balance to be struck between splashing out on nice drinks and just frittering daily cash on filler beers though.


Wouldn’t even care if you did. That’d be even more impressive. Such a romantic idea.


But if its damaging your health, making you put on weight and costing you money that could go towards a future baby bits, is it worth it?



I’m not sure beer can be a hobby, sorry.

But yeah, if you enjoy it and can afford it, go for it. I can’t imagine how much money I’d be spending on beer if i drank that much but then I probably spend just as much on my hobbies on stuff that doesn’t go into my body.




Drinking beer is not a hobby.

HYG writing a blog about beer is a hobby.


Funny you say that.

I think drinking culture is different in the UK compared to where I live (North Queensland, Australia).

I’m a teacher, and I know colleagues who have a six-pack a night. This isn’t considered abnormal, it’s pretty standard.

If you’re a man, two beers a night is absolutely fine. I don’t feel anything after two beers. Generally feel buzzed after the fourth.


Is making beer a hobby?




Then again, this is purely anecdotal and probably false.