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anyone play it? anyone won anything?

likely to be a scam?

Is this that 3pm phone app quiz thing?

been playing twice a day for about a month now, although have been forgetting a bit recently.

i fucking love it. even when question 3 is some mental Made In Chelsea question that I have no idea about. it’s absolutely amazing when you’re in the pub with a few of you playing on different phones.


3 and 9!

they keep doing ones for insane money but at like 2 am , nearly set my alarm the other day

I have played a couple of times, no winnings so far. Also failed to connect a couple of times which is a bit frustrating.

Not a scam. I won more than £300. It immediately went into my Paypal account.

That was months ago, though, when the number of people playing was still in the low to mid tens of thousands. Now that several hundred thousand are playing every game, the final prize is usually split amongst so many people that the money each winner gets is stupidly low.

Only aware of the 3pm one because a few of the kids here play it. No one has won anything yet, furthest anyone got is about 7 or 8 questions in

From what I have seen there are some really stupid people who play it

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got 9 questions in once, that was exciting

bored of it now

the most i’ve seen people win was $3600 each, but that was the mental one with the Rock presenting

Think my max is 8 correct

Am I the only one on DIS to ever get through all 12?

I have to admit that three of my answers were pretty much lucky guesses.

I play when I remember and am not too busy with other stuff. Have only ever got to question 9 though.

Current number of players for each game in the UK is around 200,000.

Love Sharon. The others are very awful. Who’s the idiot one with the silly name? Berrick?

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I love Beric! He’s great. Top lad

Would imagine that anyone who wins money will have guessed at least 3 times. Some of the questions (and the time allowed to answer) are basically impossible to answer with any certainty

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it’s not a scam but the winnings are pretty thin; I got through all 12 for the first time last week and I won £1.96. There are occasionally really high winnings. Isn’t there a 250k one every now and then that goes to sudden death until only one person wins all of the money?

It’s good fun and I’m learning a lot of trivia from it

They are absolutely playing with fire by having both an attractive host and a live comments section, thankfully it’s easy to turn off, people are awful

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fun for a week but I deleted it because the presenters were too annoying