Huel, huel, huel


Eat powdered food because you’re incapable of looking up how to make a salad i guess?


Keep getting adverts for this on Facebook


me too. are… are we cunts?


Huel are :slight_smile:


I’d like to think it’s because I read the last thread on here discussing it.

I can’t think of any other reason why. I just buy and eat food - no pills, powders or seeds. I’m not a food supplement kind of guy and love actual food. FUCK OFF WITH YOUR FOOD SUBSTITUTE DUST



there’s a few on here who’re into it i believe




huel howser?


Lawrence Lehuelyn Bowen?


So I have this stuff for breakfast! COME AT ME BRO!

…thing is, I think it’s a terrible idea to replace all your meals with it. It’s nutrition as designed by engineers. That’s not a compliment - there’s so much more to “healthy” nutrition than getting enough mgs of selenium each day.

So why do I eat (“eat”) it? Because I don’t like eating breakfast, so make poor choices about what to have to force myself into eating something, e.g. pancakes, scones, golden syrup flavoured porridge with ADDED SYRUP because I don’t actually like porridge. Hence this stuff: it makes sure I eat something that isn’t terrible for me each morning.

It’s also handy to have in the house for if I unexpectedly am not eating with 'er indoors, because my default is to get a ridiculous takeaway. Instead I can whip this up in two minutes and I’m full in another five.

Clearly there are better solutions to these habits in an ideal world, but my relationship with food is less than ideal and this stuff solves a problem for me.


didn’t read this but i assume you’ve said something about finding it hard to chop a lettuce


I’d just stick it in my Nutribullet like every other intelligent, non-gullible human.




Just do what I do and not bother with breakfast.


If I do that I’ll stuff my face with unhealthy snacks all morning then make poor choices about what to eat for lunch.


Good timing on this thread actually, as it’s reminded me to order some more tonight. Gutted that the Christmas pudding flavour is out of stock, though.


I remember reading an article a while ago that a significant issue with a lot of apps/internet business models like Uber, AirBnB etc is that they’re designed by silicon valley bros. Young men with too much money, not much spare time, and very poor life and people skills. They’re used to throwing money at life issues to make them go away, and also come at things from an engineering perspective that you just set up the right system to make the humans comply. Their jobs tend to encourage people to work incredibly long hours as well, and then use money to make daily life go away, and this is accepted as normal rather than incredibly unhealthy.

So you end up with apps to get someone to come and pick up the laundry you can’t be bothered to do, get a takeaway from a restaurant that doesn’t normally do them, or get a load of casual taxi drivers ready to pick you up at your whim. Using money and computers to break worker’s rights and contracts, and casualise everyone into an interchangeable economic unit. The price of everything and the value of nothing.

Huel/Soylent Green kind of fits with this. People who can’t look after themselves trying to engineer out an essential part of life, rather than just learn to cook or have a healthy work-life balance.


I’ve never had an issue with this. If I don’t have anything, I’ll easily last til lunch without getting hungry.

If I have some toasts or cereal or whatever, I find I’m really hungry by 11ish. If I have eggs on toast or a bacon sarnie or whatever, I usually fair ok but effort.

Not sure which of those two boxes Huel would fill…


I think I read the same article. The Soylent guy in particular seems like he’s a complete fud.

I feel like a hypocrite for both criticising this stuff as being nonsense while also using it every single day, but as I say, I’m trying to address a very specific problem with my eating habits.

I eat actual food for the other two meals. Jesus Christ, if I had to eat this and only this I’d go loopy within a week.