You Huelling?

I did a bit of Huelling during lockdown first time round, and then forgot about it after I tried adding salted caramel flavour packs to vanilla and fucked it up so it tasted minging.

Recently have got two new bags - one of salted caramel and one of vanilla (what a fool Caroline you should have got all salted caramel)

Love it. Tastes really good when made with barista oat milk, fills you up and is super simple. Have it every day for breakfast now.

Winner of the best food poll next week probably


I reckon I could be tempted to get into Huel but that version that’s a hot meal

Literally don’t understand what it is, it has the worst name ever that literally sounds like throwing up, the adverts on YouTube are filled with odious cunts, and it feels like crypto for food.

Not into it.


Always been tempted (don’t really care about food or cooking) but the mockery on here in the past has been too much


I bought two containers, ate it once and haven’t had any since. It’s just not as nice as food imo


I think why I like it is it’s simple and takes the onus of me having to think of something to cook - I just know I’m getting all the vits and components I need. Wouldn’t ever let it replace all food as i enjoy cooking and think a balanced diet is important ie fresh fish and fruits and veg etc, but it fills a void when necessary.


should just eat this all the time instead of food tbh

@Epimer Huel is back!

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in pog form?

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Really don’t understand why it’s okay to talk about Huel like this. Of course it’s not like fucking crypto.


It literally is food.


don’t know too much about it, I guess because it has a new name and comes in a powder right? So it’s not like those energy drink sachets they are always advertising on youtube?

It’s not really a powder as such, more grainy.

There’s more info here if you want to read up on it and there’s a Huel forum and a Reddit where you can find a lot of testaments from people (neurodivergent, people who have struggled with nutrition, etc.) who say that it’s improved their overall health and their approach to how they consume food.

Having a dig at it is weird and fits in with that thread @Funkhouser started last week. Absolutely no need for the sneer.


One of the things that appeals to me is the “nutritionally complete” element but I don’t really understand what that entails. Is it essentially the equivalent of like “getting your five a day” without actually having to eat fruit or what have you?

if it is legit and has decent science behind it then it sounds kind of amazing to be honest, could help so many people.

Yeah I agree it’s kind of verging into “vegans with their soy lattes!” territory


I might try it if I was going into space, but I have no plans to go into space any time soon


What an unpleasant thing to say in a thread like this


can you buy this stuff at a normal supermarket or do you have to go to a health food store or order online?

Yeah definitely. It doesn’t appeal to me in any way but I know a lot of people who enjoy it. Have at it if that’s what blows your hair back.

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