Huey Lewis and the News

Did they really come into their own with Sports commercially and artistically?

Rank albums, link to your favourite songs of theirs in this thread.

do you reckon any title has been shared by 3 more popular songs than ‘The Power of Love’ (not inc. covers)

frankie goes to hollywood > huey lewis & the news > jennifer rush

sorry, this post is only loosely related to Huey Lewis and the News

Hold On

Still waiting…


Fine Time

New Order > Yazz >>>>>>>>… …>>>>>>>> Cast

This post doesn’t even pretend to be related to Huey Lewis or his News.

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my 1st favorite group of any kind musicall in the mid 80’s, and yet I’ve never seen them live. But I am likely to finally in March in Minneapolis.

Fore! and Sports are my 2 favorites, although I guess my favorite tracks in some way remain the 2 for the Back to the Future soundtrack, a film that Huey himself even makes a cameo in.

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I doubt any of those are more popular than any of the three songs I put forward.

Happy new year