Huge first album, ignored second


Obviously this is true for loads of landfill indie that we dont need to mention, but who else?

Listening to circle takes the square’s second album right now. 1st album is considered a classic by every skramz kid alive but i barely know anyone who’s bothered listening to the second and its far superior IMHO.


Cooper Temple Clause


I think CTTS just left it too long tbh and people just slowly forgot about them.

I saw them tour that album in a small place, was pretty good

maybe refused? on account of their second being terrible

deltron 3030


That new refused was their third wasnt it?


MGMT? The second got a lot of press but no one seemed to care (I liked it tho).


holy shit yeah, it was Songs To Fan The Flames of Discontent wasnt it the first one?

I’ve embarrassed myself


The Guillemots?


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah


my vitriol


was waiting for this


Hundred Reasons?


The Klaxons


And Hell is for Heroes


Congratulations could get nothing but consistent 10/10s and its fans would still claim no one likes it but them.


Head Automatica. Don’t know anyone that bought their 2nd album, plus, the one song I heard from it was poo poo poop.


The Music


They definitely set out to manufacture a “difficult” second album that would grow into a cult classic. Probably didn’t quite work though as not enough people like it enough. I think it was… fairly decent :+1:


Yeah the third one was where it ended for them. Thir 2nd album Kick up the Fire… was (and still is) a fucking fantastic record.


The D4


The Futureheads. Not as good as the first but definitely merited more attention than it got.