Huge gaps between albums

Think Kraftwerk are the same, they still tour quite a bit but haven’t released anything new since 2002. Every now and then Ralf hints that something is coming but it’s usually just another expensive reissue.

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18 years for Faith No More


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Good to see American tv host Regis Philibin on that list. He once made a Christmas album which included him doing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer as a duet with Donald Trump.

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Shirley Collins had 40 years between Amaranth and Lodestar

I remember Ed Askew opening for Linda Perhacs as part of Le Guess Who? in Utrecht. Combined length between their debut and second albums was about 73 years.

didn’t realise The Sonics hadn’t released anything since 1967 before their comeback album

their own wikipedia says they released an album in 1980 but reading the rest of their page it looks like it was a completely new lineup of the band playing the original band’s songs. odd.

obviously not quite the same thing, since they were clearly still a very active band, but 19 years between the last album by the original Dino Jr line-up and their first reunion album

Wish more artists would be honest about this instead of releasing the not very good stuff anyway


Wondering how many people on this thread were at Reading for Daphne & Celeste. Poor girls.

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They came back (all those years later) with a pretty awesome electro-pop album which sounded nothing like Ooh Stick You or U.G.L.Y so I’m pretty sure they had the last laugh…

51 years