Hugh Hefner - RIP


91 years young!

Was probably too busy to develop any opinions on Paul Scholes.


a blow to creepy old men everywhere :frowning_face:


I guess the bunnies are free now


Isn’t he going to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe?


Marilyn Munroe’s dead?!


What a shame, got the best stiffy he’s had for 20 years and can’t use it


Old man dies


What a horrible man.


with friends like these…


Good read (for BuzzFeed)


jesus that sounds horrific and pretty much exactly how i pictured living in the playboy mansion

creepy as fuck


‘but I only read Playboy for the articles!’


so horrible :frowning:

also, i feel like you don’t see it quite as much anymore, but remember when playboy merch/the bunny logo was everywhere? it was so fucked up how ubiquitous the brand used to be, and how young the girls were that were being marketed to, given all the horrible stuff behind the scenes…

(sorry meow, only the first bit was really a reply to you, the rest was a more general observation!)


Let’s be honest, Playboy has had amazing articles.

Also, naked ladies.

What's the greatest agent of human progress ever created?

that’s like saying you come to dis for the music




Sure it did, but it’s always been a pretty weak justification for what was ultimately a pretty horrible publication all told.


only a few years ago I saw a young girl somewhere between 5 - 10 wearing a playboy t-shirt.


Oh yeah, not justifying the sexist and exploitative nature of the magazine. More that it’s incredible (in the literal sense) that the two coexisted. Like, I quoted from this in my dissertation:


are the mods seans bunnies?