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A lot of my friends hug hello and goodbye. It’s ingrained into me. Sometimes I offer a hug to people (pre apocalypse obviously) and they’re a mixture of shocked and appalled.


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How do you feel about hugs

It’s nice to be hugged and squeezed


I like hugging my bros but I bet they think I hate it


Sometimes fine.

A hello/goodbye hug from my niece is the best hug in the world. The occasional hug goodbye of a friend I’ve not seen for a while is fine. Mandatory hugging I am opposed to.


Imagine mandatory hugging in work, or in schools! Jesus

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Hugs are nice as a novelty for me. Wouldn’t want to do it all the time for sure

or at the beginning of football matches.

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They hug all the bloody time, that lot. Shouldn’t bother them.

pretty much the default greeting and goodbye for me. often will just throw in a hug in the middle if I feel like it, as many dissers can probably attest to.

once hugged my boss goodbye on my last day despite only being there 6 months. one of the only hugs I regret.


Only at the end though surely. It’d be funny to see two guys giving it a big old hug and then a minute later smashing their studs into each others’ shins.

Mine was hugging an old English teacher of mine when I left school. Just waves of regret and panic


my family aren’t huggers

like you might get a hug at a funeral or a wedding or something but that’s it. so find it quite weird when some people want to give you a hug when they run into you at the post office or whatever.


yeah, still think about it to this day.

he was quite good as bosses go, but still.

Id also like someone to do this to me


I’m going to initiate hugs after coronavirus like I’m a changed man. Hopefully enough that people comment positively on it.


Big hugger. Hello, goodbye, well done, cheer up, that’s shit, I’m sorry, no problem; all sentiments best conveyed by a hug. Hugging is probably my only skill.


Saw one of my best mates while we were out on a walk a week ago, instinctively sped up to launch myself at her for a hug, was really hard pulling back and keeping a good distance apart. Made my heart hurt a bit :pensive:

I bloody love a cuddle.


I like to hug people but I don’t like it when people do that weird what I call ‘light hug’ like they are still a bit away from you and just give you a sort of shoulder tap.

Hug me like you mean it please


“I don’t care if you want to play on the XBox. Today we’re playing snails!”