Same as a limp handshake imo. Hideous.


Kissing your friends

  • No thanks
  • Cheek only, never lips
  • On the lips
  • Some cheek, some on the lips

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had to really try to stop doing the double cheek kiss greeting when I moved back. think i’m over it now.

Just out of curiosity :thinking: Have we ever hugged?

Just done a brief audit:

People I’m comfortable hugging = 3
People I can hug without feeling too weird = ~10
People I’d have to have a moment to myself after hugging = everyone else.

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Not a hugger. Don’t really like it.

If one good thing comes out of “all this” it’s that hopefully no-one will ever try and hug me again except IMMEDIATE family.

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Our family always did the double cheek thing.
Different kisses for different friends tbh.
Me and one of my best mates basically snog each other to say hello.

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Haha, I am SO BAD at this. I find it so awkward. I have a friend that has started doing this and it always catches me off guard. Instead of me double pecking I tend to say “oh!.. OH!” in shock.


I like hugging. I absolutely do not like the decision process that goes into hugging.

…unless I’m drunk, in which case everyone is getting a hug, and I’m so very sorry.


You can double cheek kiss me if you want :blush:

… Or not, if you don’t want :broken_heart:

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Pretty sure I’ve hugged japes

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could really go a hug right now


remind me next time. haven’t had a double cheek kiss in ages.

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Seems like it would need a lot of prep

Hugs are good if:

  • it’s someone you love
  • it’s someone you know really well
  • something really bad or really good has happened

Anything else and don’t touch me and full on hugs only please, no wishy washy half measures.


You were very high up on my ‘would like to hug’ list until this post :frowning:

I’ve hugged myself a few times pretending to be people I miss. Shh, don’t tell anyone.


I’d make an exception, probably

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Only people I will usually reluctantly hug are my wife, my mum and my kids. Anyone else nah stop being needy