Hum just surprise-dropped a new record



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This is so good.


put cloud city on an endless loop imo

Such a good record! Lovely production as well - sounds clean and huge.

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yeah the riffs and guitar tones are pure comfort food. the intro on the first track was all i needed to be sucked back into their world.


God, this is so up my street I’ve invited it in for tea and flapjacks

EDIT: Loving the widdly bit of guitar 3:09 on The Summoning :heart:


I saw this when a friend posted on FB yesterday. Is this the first thing they’ve released since Downward is Heavenward?

I believe so!

Sounds like a new bands first album, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.


Fucking excellent news. Listening now and probably won’t turn it off for the rest of the day

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Really enjoying this. I love it when they get a bit driftier like on the back halves of The Summoning, Folding and Shapeshifter.

Honestly, this could’ve come out almost immediately after Downward is Heavenward, and nobody would’ve batted an eyelid. And I mean that in the best way.

This is in AOTY territory for me. Agree with @theShipment about it being musical comfort food, those guitars hit the sweetest spot.


Never heard of them before, loving this though. Great balance of haze and punch

on 0.75 speed

Fuck - I’d forgotten how much I love Hum. The intro to Waves immediately brings it all flooding back though.


Played this for the first time yesterday (mysteriously never heard of them). Most excellent :metal:

Back catalogue explorations will commence asap

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Now this is how you comeback! Its just like a lovely lovely hug under a massive blanket. Absolutely sublime…

Desert Rambler and Cloud City standing out but its all great.

Easy contender for aoty.

I’ve had Desert Rambler, Folding and Shapeshifter on repeat. So good.

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You know the feeling when you don’t play a new album you really like for a few days and can feel actual ripples of excitement at the thought of playing it. I got that right now with this. I’m gonna hoof this out the speakers with a liquid lunch of beer in a couple of hours time.

Downward is Heavenward seemed pretty great (I’m sure the hordes of Smashing Pumpkins fans on here would enjoy it) but Inlet is the jam for me at the moment.