"Human beings and not cogs in the capitalist machine" All Purpose Weekend Football Thread

Thoroughly dull set of Premiership fixtures today, though Liverpool/WHam has comedy potential.

Wolves and Fulham could be interesting but won’t be.

Tomorrow Pep takes the Carling Cup all the way back to his political exile in Belgium, Cardiff cement their position in the automatic qualification spot with a rudimentary win over the Wurzels, and Manchester United and Chelsea compete to prove who is the most needy team in the league.


Is there a protocol for being at a game and posting in the footers thread? Do you need photos? Secretly hoping comedy potential is high at anfield tbqh.

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All content is welcome provided it remains within the FA remit not to publish politically charged messaging


What stand are you in Jez?

Every PL fixture today to me, bar Mo Salah v West Ham, looks like West Brom v West Brom.


Missed a golden opportunity to cause ructions by referring to the Cardiff v Bristol City game as the “Severnside Derby” there Ruffers.

Think Cardiff have been a bit needled by the Bristol City manager having a pop at the number of empty blue seats at the City Stadium, as I’ve had a few things off them this week promoting this fixture (I’m not going).

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Yep, only really of interest in terms of the relegation battle. Would quite like Huddersfield to win to push Pards even deeper in the mire, but otherwise, meh.

Can sort of see why they’d want to ban political gestures. I’m against it, obviously, people should be allowed to express themselves, and they only really try to crack down on it because of pressure from sponsors anyway…but how would people feel if a player made, say, a pro-Kadyrov or Duterte statement, or something supporting gun rights in America?

Think the ribbon v poppy angle’s quite interesting. Loads of gammons arguing a poppy isn’t political. Very weird. The reaction to, say, Moeen Ali briefly choosing not to wear one, or even James McClean is absolutely bizarre. Admittedly, McClean has on occasion acted like bit of a twat, but the media treatment of him for not wearing one’s horrendous. Underneath the scapegoating there’s a smart guy who’s had a tough life and his reasons are valid.


Gotcha, will crush my poppy and launch it at an oppo fan before taking any photos.

Anfield Road end matey, opposite the Kop.

It’s alright lads the 2 best footballing teams in the championship (4th and 5th best in the country) are on the telly tonight. Rumour has it we might get to see young Ryan Sessegnon book a plane ticket

Fulham will win that easily.


I think it will be an entertaining draw

You twerps. Bmouth v Newcastle is obviously a humdinger. Bmouth gonna get whooped and start the slide towards the best league in the world!!1

Mate, a club with the fifth highest wagebill in the country, and the thirteenth highest in world football aren’t going to get relegated.

Had kind of said this as bants but thinking about it he’s been the most consistent wide player other than sterling. If it’s a choice between him and someone like Walcott then why not take him

Nah, Newcastle might go down as well tbh

I remember Ali being warned then forced not to wear a wristband with Palestinian colours. It’s blatantly clear the only political messages allowed in modern sport are banal nationalism and its pretty nauseating, agreed.


Are we listing players who don’t play the same position as Ryan Sessegnon?