"Human beings and not cogs in the capitalist machine" All Purpose Weekend Football Thread

Er well, yes, but in a way I think they’d just change shape rather than playing him

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Got Sheff Wednesday in the Barry Bannan derby, who claim that their best eleven are all injured

Good piece this week about Steve Bruce and his parents, feel a lot for the man

McClean makes me so conflicted, because I’m fully with him about not being forced to wear it, but on the field the man is SUCH an arsehole.

This piece changed how i feel about him. Don’t get me wrong, he can be an absolute bell, but he’s just a product of an extremely partisan hyper-aggresive environment, isn’t he? I can understand why he is how he is.

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Stoke have such an odd odd team

City Women v Chelsea Ladies is on, is pretty much a title decider and will be a better game than Stoke v whoever.

'I’ve never seen a drinks break on a freezing day before’
Leicester and Stoke is indeed happening

He’s no joe hart

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Chelsea are going to be fucking furious with themselves if they don’t get three points here. Absolutely owning City but it’s still only 2-1

Charlie Adam is such a cunt. Could have had 4 yellows since he came on

Think City have been City’d this summer by the looks of it. The right-back, Bronze, was one of their best players, now at Lyon, then Duggan, now at Barcelona. Money’s ruining the game, imho.

Two attritional teams who both know a point is good enough, in the middle of tight 2 legged champions league ties, sounds a guaranteed dinger to me


I was wondering what happened to Bronze - easily my favourite England player.

Gerrin there.

Genuinely more entertaing than any Premier League game i’ve seen this season that didn’t include City, Spurs or Liverpool.

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Bmouth properly lost their wigs last few games. Odd. Will be lucky to get another point all season playing like this

Thats 2 goals in 2 games for Lee Tomlin for Forest. Don’t remember seeing much from him at Cardiff but he’s doing a proper job for us atm.

Don’t remember much of him either tbh

Might just be a case of right man at the right time. We were really struggling for goals.
And not conceding goals, and basically football in general.

Fuck me! Three - nil!

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Sounds like a great game for all those neutral fans out there.

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