Human Memory

Pretty flawed when you think about it, isn’t it.

Yet we are convinced we can remember all sorts of shit.

We need to calm the fuck down.

Juries need to know


I have memories from in the womb btw

which probably makes me superhuman but that’s ok

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You think you do

no I feel I do. It’s more of an emotional and vague sensory experience

there are also things I once had the memory of but now only have the memory of the memory of.

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I love this kind of shit


That’s how memory works isn’t it? Every time you remember something, you’re remembering the last time you remembered it. Like a photo of a photo.


I don’t remember any threads as shit as this one.

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See? This can’t possibly be true!

You said you’re convinced we can remember all sorts of shit. I’m telling you that I can’t remember something. Checkmate.

Oh yeah

The more you remember something the less true that memory is, and every time you remember something it takes on some of the mood you were in when you remembered it. There was something I posted about this last year as part of my MA, really interesting stuff I’d heard on 99% Invisible probably.

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