Humbug thread

I spent one on my own a few years back which was pretty great. Was living in a house share at the time and it was the first time I had the house to myself since I’d moved in. But people were absolutely appalled when I told them what I was doing for Christmas. Like, genuinely horrified.


Similar situation, and then by about 7pm on the day I had five different people texting “omg you were right, next year I’m going it alone too”

They didn’t, the cowards


Home alone during house share Xmas is so good. My favourite ever Xmas was my first one alone with all those other suckers out of my hair


I was supposed to be getting a few days to myself while they were away but they all started to come back early, one by one, because they were having a shit time. I was gutted. Yeah, don’t miss house sharing.

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Been in such a low mood the last few weeks I’m struggling to get myself into it.


I’m in my thirties with no partner or children so Christmas is nothing but a grim reminder I suffer through for the sole remaining people who care about me. Plus as you all have said about the pressure to relax or celebrate inhibiting either.
Dislike receiving gifts and feel guilty for not being able to afford to give better gifts too.

I don’t mind other people enjoying it though, if anything it’s really nice.


My boyfriend decided to do xmas by himself a few years ago and people kept inviting him over to theirs as though it was just for lack of anyone to spend the day with, even though obviously I’d invited him to my parents’ and he’d said no.

Got so many charity offers that year from people who were basically strangers. My manager at the time, who I wasn’t close to at all, invited me to spend Christmas Day with her family. She must’ve been praying I didn’t take her up on it. It would have been hilariously awkward. Quite sweet though.


Spending Xmas alone when you spend all days alone is a very different type of painful from just taking the day off people.


Amen. Cannot fathom the appeal of wall to wall Christmas songs as soon as December hits. You wouldn’t listen to Chris De Burgh on repeat at any other time of year, so why now.

Hate the run up to it but the day itself is usually really nice. Except for this year, as my partner and I have covid. So it can fuck off altogether.


really I’d quite like to spend it on my own and feel really good about it, i only go to family/ other people for them

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lighter post than it reads, we’re both ok. Just both feeling a bit :fu: :santa:

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People invited him to spend xmas with them in front of me! Can you imagine if he’d said yes to them after declining to spend the day with me and my family? :triumph:


Sorry to hear that m9. Look after each other :fist:

But also YES :rage::rage::rage:


Would be one hell of a power move tbf

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My mum and dad don’t really celebrate it. No religious reason or anything, they just didn’t bother once I’d grown up. Once the last of my grandparents had passed away, 2015 I think, I started my own tradition/habit to have Christmas on my own.

But I knew the only way I could do it was to go away for a few days, no-one was ever going to accept that I was at home alone by choice because that apparently means I’m automatically sad and lonely!

So, I choose somewhere in the UK I’ve never been before and find a cheap hotel deal for 2 or 3 nights. It’s only ever a base, so doesn’t need to be fancy. I do lots of walking, podcast-listening and generally exploring the local area. Not bothered about Christmas Dinner really, I’m easily pleased with a hotel room picky tea! If I’m feeling brave, I’ll go out to local bars/pubs.

Once I did the first one (Edinburgh), people realised it was a Good Thing and told me how they wished they could do it, how “brave” I was, jealous they were, etc. :roll_eyes:

As it got to autumn, they’d ask me where I was off to this year, like some kind of vicarious thing! I’ve done Edinburgh, Cardiff, Brighton and Cornwall so far. Luckily I love driving so properly enjoy a good old road trip. Bath, Northumberland and maybe Dublin are on my future wishlist…

A highlight in Brighton was me having a quiet pint one minute, then being absorbed into a random works do with lovely people, with one well-tipsy girl asking me why I was there, so I explained the whole solo Christmas thing. She then stood up, pointed at me and shouted “YOU ARE MY SPIRIT ANIMAL!”.

That’s when I knew I was doing the right thing! :smiley:

(really sorry for the mega-ramble)


No need to apologise, that was a great post!


My people! My hatred of Christmas is all consuming. Still love the shit out of Muppets Christmas Carol.



Welcome! Pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable, we’re all pals here. You’re safe now. You’re safe now.

If you look like you’re about to start singing a Christmas carol though I’ll fucking chin you