Humidifiers (Banal)

I bought a humidifier because apparently they’re really good for asthma / coughing at night but it makes the room damp so now I’m running the humidifier all night and then a dehumidifier in the day.

Should I just scrap them both and remain humidity neutral?

Feel free to talk about anything else but the humidity in my bedroom.

i thought this thread was about dehumidifiers and i got excited because i’m thinking about getting one for drying clothes

don’t know anything about humidifiers

I had no idea you could get humidifiers AND dehumidifiers!


I have a dehumidifier which we run next to the minky in the winter to stop everything being all musty.

It broke yesterday, I think because some water got into the electrics.

My partner is going to buy a new one from Costco today.

Thanks for your time

isn’t that whats supposed to happen

Alright Steven Wright

I think the water is meant to stay in the water collection bit (WCB)

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Currently I am in a very stupid position of our housing association having removed the cladding and insulation from our building (just at the start of winter) leaving exposed blockwork on our external walls, one of which is also our bedroom wall. We have wall-mounted air-conditioning unit things which are pretty shoddy and poorly mounted and, as a result, the wall gets freezing gold overnight and is getting condensation build-up turning into black mould. We removed the air conditioning unit (it’s literally just covering a hole in the wall, no grill or anything) and have just duck taped over it until a solution can be found.

Very stupid and bad in my opinion.

I only have 2 dehumidifiers. Having both a humidifier and dehumidifier and running one after the other seems mental though.

You could try just having a damp towel or something next to the bed?

Yes, been there. Couldn’t understand why anything that touched the carpet was going mouldy until I realised the fucking thing was damp because of the supposedly ‘so fine it won’t get anything wet’ humidifier.

I am now obsessed with dehumidifying and have hygrometers that I check excitedly.
I hired a massive dehumidifier recently to dry out parts of our house after the roof leaked and the ceiling came down (it was as big as me and I had to get my boyfriend to lift it, and I normally lift very heavy weights. Man it was BIG.)

Currently got a small one on hire but I’m paying a tenner a week and we’ve had it 7 weeks now which is silly as I could’ve bought one for that amount of money.

I need to buy one though- any recs?

We have one we mainly use for drying clothes. Works fine.

In terms of my advice to you, I would run the humidifier for half an hour before bedtime and turn it off before getting into bed, so that the air is moist for your sleep. (if it has a timer you can maybe set it to switch off an hour after gong to bed.) You shouldn’t let it run all night, esp if it’s causing you damp.

Just make sure you get one with a decent size tank - I’m on my 3rd in 10 years, they’ve all been much of a muchness but my current one needs emptying a bit too much really

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Got this but never really get round to using it anymore although we should

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What do I do about this please, @marckee?

Barry Big bollocks rolls into the thread with his £160 dehumidifier


tells you how close @hip_young_gunslinger is at any given moment


That’s the one Which recommends. Clever Balonz.

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Recommends what?