Humidifiers (Banal)

160 bar?? fuckin hell lonzo


I’m always close.

I’ll have you know I paid £144.98 for it!


How much are you lot expecting to pay for a decent dehumidifier?

I think the instruction booklet said it would create some kind of vortex.

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Think we paid between 20 and 30 pounds (GBP) for ours

Yeah, the capacity of those type (and I can’t find one sub £30) is tiny.

Going into a dehumidified room is such a rush, can’t get enough of it.

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It’s well stupid that “thin air” has other stuff like “moisture” in it eh. What a load of nonsense.

Ours is a 2l capacity. Empty it every 2-3 days I guess? It may have been slightly over £30 I don’t know. Will report back on what my darling partner finds as a replacement this evening

Got some Meaco dehumidifier. It very good tbf. Think it’s a 10l jobbie

Yeah but the can only suck out 500ml a day whereas my bad boy can suck out 18l.

My laundry isn’t laden with 18litres of miscellaneous liquid

Lots of ‘L’ sounds there. Very good use of language by me.

We didn’t really get ours for laundry.

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Is your house like a rainforest?

In the winter we can get a lot of condensation.

And in the Autumn we can get a lot of conkers!


We paid €150 for ours and it is a BEAST.

I think you me and @rich-t should fight the three strongest cheap dehumidifier owners to settle this once and for all. Somewhere in Wales maybe, that seems quite central.


not on (de)humidifier book m9s