Humiliating scam led to mum and daughter licking Poundworld staff's feet after fake phone call

Not quite Compliance, or the events that was based upon, but very strange, nonetheless

Read the whole thing a couple of times and I’m still not really sure what the hell’s going on. :joy:

What an awfully written article. Never link me to devon live again.

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Wow. My first thought was that the staff should be arrested, but perhaps they didn’t actually do anything illegal since the two customers were willingly taking part??

I have no idea what the prank guy could have said to convince the manager to close their store. Very odd.

“We are both too scared to go into pound world now. I had to go in again to get these special straws for the holiday because it was the only place where I could get them, and I had to go in with accompanied with other people because I was scared,” Naomi said. :upside_down:



Absolutely bizarre. That they left and came back is beyond belief

In my head it plays out like a budget (pound shop) version of the Movie Saw.


Absolutely. This was the bit that left me totally aghast. I know £3000 is an absolute shit load of money to many people, but after what they’d been subjected to, to go back literally on their hands and knees?!

But surely you would’ve thought to yourself ‘no charity is likely to have me crawl on my hands and knees like a horse, this all seems incredibly spiteful for a charity’

This applies to everyone btw, everyone involved seemed incredibly naive.

Cant bring myself to laugh at them tbh, this is pretty vile


Personally, absolutely. Even before then I would question why a charity was giving away 3k.

But I can equally see how people’s heads might be turned and not question it.

The Manager in particular… like what is he thinking.

Something quite odd in them offering a 200 quid voucher as compensation

Sub thread: What would you buy with a £200 voucher for Poundworld

Not bad in Poundland that though, you could pick up a good 50-60 things


Upsetting, certainly.
Amusing, definitely


You’re a better man than me, Mr E

Two things

  • Only in a local newspaper report would the quote “we are both too scared to go into Poundworld now” be prefaced with “Pamela who is 55 and has one arm”.

  • I’m intrigued as to these ‘special’ straws that are only sold in Poundworld. And why they were vital to her holiday


Probably two branches