Hump day!!! (Wednesday thread)

Plans for the day?

I woke up mega, mega early (5am!) so just having a little brekkie then gonna go for a small jog around before starting work

I think I’m having my first fed up moments which isn’t bad considering I’m in week 4 of isolation. I’ll pull myself together!

Tell me about your home attire. I wore jeans yesterday afternoon!

CWBAFT :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Baby up at 5:45. She’s currently playing with fridge magnets while I sit on the cold hard kitchen floor nearby.

How’s she getting on? We’ve got a couple of teeth and some commando crawling which is getting closer to normal crawling. Not much interest in pulling himself up or standing yet. Main hobby is taking off his socks (can even get them off leaving the sock-ons remaining on his feet) and going after any wires he can.


Shittest night sleep in ages. Was 3.30 before I went off to sleep. Today could be rubbish

No teeth still! Bloody loves food though which has been really lovely.

She can walk a few steps unaided when she is distracted into not holding onto a hand for support, but can’t even crawl backwards yet or sit up from lying down :upside_down_face: Worked out at the start of quarantine how to traverse large portions of the house using furniture and walls which is cool and terrifying in equal measures…

Still get apocalyptic tears if she’s left without one of us for 5 seconds so nursery is going to be a barrel of laughs…


Unfortunately, if our first is anything to go by, this is the stage they’ll eat anything… Before getting fussy. He’ll eat anyting we cook for him at the moment.

It’s good to cut some teeth mainly to stop everyone you speak to attributing absolutely everything to teething.


But then what will we tell ourselves when she won’t sleep??


Morning Meowington and everyone else :slight_smile:

I’m feeling okayish today. It’s sunny, there’s a four day weekend coming up, and I feel slightly better about work than I did on Monday. Also I don’t have a Teams/Zoom meeting until 12pm! :partying_face:

I’m basically wearing weekend clothes but washing everything less.


Fuckin van alarm was going off on our street about two and whoever it was didn’t turn it off til about 2:15, then took me ages to get to sleep again.

just what I wear normally: dungarees (where the hell are my new ones?) or leggings + tunic / dress

weirdly I’ve got into a different routine of showering in the evening rather than then morning, as I’ve mainly been exercising after work. I don’t like waking up and not showering, but two showers seems obscene.

I think my switch will arrive today :blush::blush::blush:

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Morning. 8am meeting :grimacing: not ready to face the day

Jeans and t shirt today but been wearing indian style pajamas (just the top half). So breezy!


t-shirt & joggy bottoms

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Oh and I’m wearing a vest and shorts

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.



Jeans, t-shirt (grey London 2012 Swimming)

wonder how much tokyo 2020 merch there is sitting in some warehouse that will now be useless


Too much for it to go Revenge of The Jedi collectable probably. Though I think heard a report that it is still going to be referred to as Tokyo 2020?

Keep getting FB adverts for discounted Euro 2020 t-shirts.