Hundred Reasons 2022 (yes, really)

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Also, they’re touring next year with Hell is for Heroes and My Vitriol, of all folk.

That song is a hell of a lot better than I expected not sure about the synths though

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This is really good

Can I use this thread to also say I think the new stuff Jamie Lenman has done is the best since he went solo


Continuing their tradition of shitty album artwork I see!


Heard the album and it’s pretty special

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“Devolver” was excellent.

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Setlists from Leeds last night.

As someone who thinks music peaked with the UK alt rock scene of the early 00s, I’m very excited for their gig tomorrow in Manchester!

Can confirm that, bar the odd vocal wobble (and frankly after 23 years who can fault them) they fucking were banging in Glasgow.

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Ahh fuck, I’m seeing some friends from uni tomorrow night but one person’s going to see Hundred Reasons at the academy, and honestly Glorious Sunset kinda makes me want to do that instead…

They were really really good, weren’t they. Had a blast!

Hell Is For Heroes were the band of the night! Exceptional stuff!

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Realised I’d never heard the whole of Ideas before (other than seeing it live). Got it on now and Im annoyed I’ve never put it on before

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