Hunga-Tonga volcanic eruption

Ridiculously huge eruption

I’ve not yet read of loss of life but sounds like that might be because all communication has been disrupted to Tonga and the surrounds :grimacing:

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Yeah, was following this yesterday. Multiple reports of people hearing the explosion in Alaska

2-3m waves in Japan, 2m surges in California

There was a really good and sobering thread on twitter (that I can’t find now) from a social historian talking a whole bunch about how western media will report this as distaster porn over the next news cycle and then in about 6 to 8 months time when it starts to have climate ramifications in the global north it will be a different story

On a related Eurocentric tip - the 8 yo was asking about it and got her atlas out. I was trying to get her to understand the massive distances involved in the sounds being heard in Alaska & tsunami warnings as far afield as New Zealand, Japan & California but there was no single map of the pacific rim in 180 odd pages. Every map that included these three countries was a world map with the Greenwich meridian at the centre and the pacific being some kind of ‘ere be dragons’ fog to the west of the US and to east of NZ


That photo is insane


I didn’t realise quite how close to the rest of Tonga the eruption happened - have just realised that the islands that I thought of as being Tonga were actually Fijian islands.

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I don’t think you’re alone because initially I saw a lot of Twitter activity talking about Fiji. Although possibly that’s also about populations (8x larger in Fiji).

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