Hunted 2023

You in? Celeb Hunted starts tonight on C4 at 9pm. Civilian version is back in a couple months I think.

There’s a new chief!!! Talk about how scripted it is, how you’ve never heard of these celebs or how you’d just hide in the woods the whole time below.


Lisa Maffia!

Here we fucking go


Del boy’s car. FFS lads, at least put a bit of effort in for charity


is it M&S policy to grass people up? :wink:


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She seems proper aggro, already called them fuckers twice. They’re doing a show for charity ffs!


Fucking hell :joy:

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didnt know this was still going.
i reckon this would be well easy. I know loads of places I could get to and hunker down undetected indefinitely. won’t be giving it away here though before you ask, I might get asked on the show if these “celebs” are anything to go by amirite! Also it is scripted.

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This guy is the worst…

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Dreamt last night that I could get channel 4 on my telly

apparently they’ve put the whole series on all4 already :man_shrugging:

Hey I said don’t ask for my secrets!

I know a few people who live more or less entirely off grid in super remote places. As long as I could get to one of them I’d be golden

What’s the best someone’s ever done on this show?

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Think there’s been a winner ever series apart from 1. Remember a dad and his son (possibly autistic iirc) winning.

The biggest disappointment of the celebrity version will forever be that Boris Johnson’s dad didn’t die of exposure whilst doing it.


I think my favourite moment of all of them was when the hunters tried to goad Curtis Prichard into grassing his brother up by taunting him that AJ was more famous and successful.

“Well I’ve been in Dancing With The Stars!”

Really enjoying this. Love how much they play up how silly and scripted the whole thing is.

Kerry Katona has onlyfans then

really handsome editor on this episode i heard

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