Hurricane Ida

Looking absolutely disastrous for Louisiana.
Might raise to a category 5 before landfall. Really hope people have got out this time

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JFC. Started to get a bit anxious for him standing there.


The situation is absolutely terrifying. Hospitals there are at / over capacity due to COVID and are running out of oxygen. People already can’t get non-COVID emergency care, the system flat out can’t handle a natural disaster right now. Hurricane + COVID makes each significantly more deadly. It’s a nightmare.

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I’m following this hurricane chaser guy on twitter

He’s saying that storm surges could be as high as 15ft in some places


Actually the two pics were at different scale

Bit misleading




wow that’s quite something

It seems the Gulf States were pretty well prepared for the worst…though there are still maybe 1 million households without power

New York though …

And so on

The whole city is underwater. State of emergency declared

Also, tornadoes in New Jersey

Holy shit, I just saw the footage out of Philadelphia from yesterday.

For anyone who doesn’t know, that’s not a river, it’s the major highway that cuts through the city. I can’t wrap my head around this.

And of course people are diving into it

Manayunk a few miles down the river:

This isn’t supposed to happen there

Future’s looking great!

diving into flood water is up there with the stupidest things a person could do

it’s part sewage for a start