Hurricane Ophelia


Do we still have an Irish contingent? Pray for them


@Kallgeese mentioned it earlier. Hope he’s gone to the Winchester with a pint of beamish waiting for it all to blow (wheeeeeey!!!) over.


Last time we had a big storm everyone’s fences fell down except ours, because we didn’t want to cut the crazy ivy as a few robins like to nest there. Basically everyone get ugly but functional ivy for your fences


You’re breaking my actually I can’t be arsed with this but you get the idea


Only give a shit about the Breeders getting to Dublin tomorrow night. Everything else will be fine.

@profk Just going to drink a load of pints no matter what.


My dad told me to avoid trees.


Hurricane schmurricane.


About to get real any minute now…


bit windy here chaps. there is a distinct yellow hue/tint to the sky. looks weird as fuck


Seeing that round my way. Biblical.


Quite windy here and it’s very quickly alternating between blue skies and sunshine and grey skies and pissing rain. Power outages in some towns in Cork due to fallen trees.


Bit breezy on the bike this morning. Sky also a strange, ominous shade of weird. Think this could be the end lads.


Looks like we’re in for a nice day here. Might get some laundry done.


Pretty good site to track it:


Can we take this opportunity to remind ourselves of some fine Irish severe weather reporting


Dere’s more to Oireland dan dis.


Been thinking about this all morning.


You know how hurricanes with female names kill more people (because they’re viewed as less threatening, so people don’t take the same safety measures)?

They should just name them all after something really threatening instead. Like this one should be renamed Hurricane Black Mamba.



Never gets old!